May Miracle: Life Line Ministry

We wanted to share about the ministry we felt God call us to support in their goal of raising $95,000 to purchase the building for their ministry. Life Line Ministry’s mission: Lasting Investment Family Eternity. Our goal is to make a lasting investment that will impact people’s families and add to the kingdom of God for all of eternity. We want to plant as many seeds of the gospel as we can.
Under the umbrella of Life Line Ministry, we currently host these outreaches: Pay it forward ( meals to people), Women’s craft night ( sharing the gospel and teaching a craft), family sports night ( outreach and helping families make memories together), Kids ministry (being a safe place where kids can come, hang out, get a meal and teach them the value). Hosting teams ( When a team comes, they help us advents in the outreaches). The Building will be our home base to host these ministries and more as we grow!
Please help us by sharing their story! In the few years they have been serving in the community of Iquitos, Peru, they have already seen countless people in need of the love that God provides. Today we’re sharing the story of a 12-year-old boy called Mark (name changed to protect his identity).
“Mark has one younger sister. His dad is out of the picture. His mother is wishy-washy, depending on if she’s in a relationship or not. Last year on Father’s day, Manuel asked to talk with Mark. Manuel went over, and Mark started to cry. Mark talked about not knowing the love of a good father because his dad wants nothing to do with him. What do you tell this 12-year-old, who is raising his younger sister when his mom is off with her boyfriend and has never been loved by his father? We tell him that God loves him so much He sent His son. That he has value and we are here for him whenever he needs us.”
Can you help keep this ministry moving? We believe that God is working through this movement and wants to see this building purchased so Hannah and Manuel, with their team, will continue to bring love and compassion to the lives of so many people who have never known a father’s or mother’s love.
1. Share the story with those you know
2. Pray for it to reach the right people
3. Give financially as you are able
You can give online by clicking here
Or send a check marked for Life Line Ministry to GoServ Global PO Box 193 Eagle Grove, IA 50533.
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Support Emergency Assistance for Iowa Tornado Victims

Volunteer or Donate to the Disaster Response Team

On March 5, 2022, an EF4 tornado with peak winds of 170 mph blew through the towns of Winterset and Newton, Iowa. This was the first time an EF4 tornado devastated the state since 2013. The twister traveled 69.5 miles over a 90-minute period, killing seven people, including two children under the age of five. It was the deadliest tornado on record in Iowa since 2008.

In the aftermath of this destructive storm, the state of Iowa needs help from organizations and individuals to carry out disaster recovery efforts. Many families have lost everything, from their homes and cars to personal belongings and pets. As an organization, GoServ Global has a devoted domestic disaster assistance and emergency relief team who specializes in bringing heavy equipment, volunteers, and resources to disaster sites immediately following a disaster to assist with rubble cleanup and recovery efforts.

Local authorities in Winterset and Newton have asked GoServ Global to assist with disaster recovery efforts. Our team has just returned from a 10 week deployment to aid Kentucky tornado victims in December 2021. GoServ Global’s Domestic Disaster Director Dennis Anderson is now seeking aid from supporters who wish to volunteer or donate funds for Iowa tornado relief.

Donate Now

Who can be an Iowa tornado relief volunteer?

GoServ Global is calling on interested volunteers who are age 18 or older. Our emergency relief program coordinators need individuals who can perform the following physical tasks:

  • Pick up debris from the ground
  • Rake debris
  • Help families sort belongings
  • Secure tarps to homes

For disaster relief jobs in areas hardest hit by the Winterset tornado, we are also seeking the following skilled equipment operators to run:

  • Skid loaders
  • Mini excavators
  • Chainsaws

What does a disaster response team do?

As a disaster response volunteer with GoServ Global, you may help Winterset, Iowa, residents clean up debris, recover personal items from wreckage, and rebuild property lost to this devastating and historic weather event. GoServ Global’s construction volunteer opportunities are open to those who are qualified, willing, and able to help us administer disaster relief services.

Disaster response volunteers may also pray for the victims of these storms. Here are specific ways to pray for this mission:

  • Wisdom for leadership
  • Details and logistics to come together
  • Victims to encounter the love and provision of God
  • Safety
  • Resources
  • Volunteers

How do I become a volunteer in Iowa?

Individuals who are interested in volunteering with GoServ Global may submit a volunteer form, or call Barb Meister at 712-283-2304.

GoServ Global has already deployed a disaster response team to Winterset, Iowa, to begin dispatching much-needed disaster relief services. Please follow our Facebook page and/or to be among the first to receive more information about Iowa volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer with Us

What if I can’t volunteer?

Not everyone is in a position to become an Iowa volunteer. We understand that you may not have the skillsets, physical abilities, health, or time to join our natural disaster recovery efforts on the ground in Winterset. However, you can still support the people of Winterset. Financial donations and prayers are needed from people like you at this time and for many months ahead.

You can deliver hope domestically during this extremely difficult time. Iowans have lost their homes, clothing, food, pets, places of employment, and vehicles. Some have to live in temporary shelters and hold funerals for loved ones. Your generous gifts also pay for GoServ Global’s relief-related expenses, such as fuel, maintenance and repairs, travel to devastated areas, as well as lodging and food for volunteers during their time in Iowa.

By donating to GoServ Global’s domestic disaster relief fund, you can deliver hope to the families who experienced this devastating tornado. It is only because of God’s blessing and grace to us that we can do this for others.

Donate Now

About Our Domestic Emergency Assistance Program

The passion of the GoServ Global team is to bless people who are God’s creation. We seek to bless people who have a need, and for some reason, struggle to meet that need on their own. We desire to do this by offering a helping hand.

The people we serve include, but are not limited to, U.S. families impacted by natural disasters (i.e., floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos and ice storms), widows and older Americans, single parents, and individuals stuck in poverty. Through our domestic relief services we aim to:

  • Maintain an inventory of resources that can be quickly deployed when needed, including tools, supplies, heavy equipment, trailers, and trucks
  • Recruit, train, equip, and manage volunteers while helping people in need
  • Clean up natural disasters at no cost to homeowners

We also partner with other nonprofits to help them meet their goals in serving people. We provide an avenue for churches, businesses, individuals, and community groups that want to send people or resources to help in a natural disaster area. From Missouri, Indiana and Iowa to Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kentucky, GoServ Global’s domestic emergency relief program extends a hand and changes lives.

Get involved today and deliver hope to those in need through volunteering or donations.


Rubble from a home in Winterset, IA, after historic March 2022 tornadoA broken tree and demolished home stand among wreckage from Winterset’s EF4 tornado in March 2022 

Ways to Help Hurricane Matthew Relief

It’s been three weeks since Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti. More than 1,000 people are estimated to have died and 1.4 million need humanitarian aid. While GoServ Global’s orphans and staff are alive, and 100% of our Safe T Homes® withstood the 145 mph winds, the need is still great!

Your donations have already provided life-saving relief. Last week GoServ Global sent a shipping container filled with 800+ sheets of metal roofing, food, emergency supplies, and much, much more. In addition, 20 more Safe T Homes® were shipped to Haiti as well.

Can you do us a favor? Would you be willing to share our needs with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, church, etc? 

Below we have a few tools for you to use via email, social media, etc.

Letter to Share

Safe T Home Flyer

Hurricane Matthew Relief Video

GoServ Global Give Graphic

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on social media: @goservglobal on Facebook and @GoServG on Twitter.








Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti


Hurricane Matthew, the fiercest hurricane in a decade with winds up to 145 mph, hit Les Cayes, Haiti, where Iowa-based GoServ Global rescues the vulnerable – orphans, widows, abandoned babies, displaced families, etc.

We are so thankful to report that all of our orphans, widows and staff are alive! Approximately 10% of the traditional homes in the area were left standing after the hurricane, while all Safe T Homes® (nearly 200) withstood the hurricane with just minimal damage! The Safe T Home® saved lives in our villages as people from the community crammed into the home to ride out the storm (as many as 60 people in one Safe T Home®).

Safe T Homes® are one of GoServ Global’s main priorities in Haiti. Each Safe T Homes® costs $5,700 plus $1,000 to ship, and about $300 for cement. So altogether to purchase 1 Safe T Home® and get it from Sheffield, Iowa to Les Cayes, Haiti costs $7,000.

10 Safe T Homes® fit in one shipping container. To give to the Safe T Home®, click HERE and choose “Safe T Home®” in the dropdown.

GoServ Global projects did sustain major damage to our traditional buildings as most of the roofs are gone. In addition, many of our crops, livestock like chickens, rabbits, and fish farm are gone as well as all the fruit trees are destroyed. However, the Centre de Vie Church located in downtown Les Cayes with Pastor Rivenson Dige has very minimal damage and a held church service just a few days after the hurricane! Most of the churches in the area are damaged beyond use.

Since Hurricane Matthew, several GoServ Global teams have served to help with the aftermath, building 4 Safe T Homes at the Center of Help Orphanage that was virtually destroyed. In addition, teams have replaced roofs on many buildings and unloaded the first of several shipping containers to reach Les Cayes.

Just a few days after Hurricane Matthew, Co-Founder Ken DeYoung flew a small crew and much-needed food, water, and other emergency supplies to Les Cayes. Below is a picture of Ken and Board Member Conwell Larson with some of the boys at the Joshua House Boys Orphanage with the Safe T Homes® in the background.

toward the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund.
100% of your donation goes to this fund!
Give online at goservglobal.org/give & 
Choose “Haiti Hurricane Matthew” in the dropdown.
Donations may also be sent to:
GoServ Global
PO Box 193
Eagle Grove, IA 50533 
Write “Hurricane Relief” in the memo line. 
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