Hurricane Matthew Relief

With 145 mph winds, Hurricane Matthew devastated GoServ Global’s projects in Les Cayes in October 2016. All of the existing 200 Sukup Safe T Homes® withstood the 145 hurricane winds with minimal damage and many lives were saved as up to 60 people crowded into 1 home to ride out the storm. 

Hundreds remain on a waiting list for a Sukup Safe T Home®.  We invite you to continue walking this journey with our Haitian brothers and sisters. While much has been done, the need is still so great. So many still live in homes unimaginable to us.  

Learn more about the Sukup Safe T Home®

Birthing Center

In 2016, GoServ Global began raising funds for a birthing center in a remote village at Camp Perrin where residents have little to no access to transportation and roads. The community is separated from businesses, healthcare, and schools by a river that floods. Pregnant mothers usually give birth at home with no skilled attendant, or travel for miles by foot to a hospital with many dying along the way. The birthing center includes 8 Safe T Homes as well as a clinic and offers high-quality prenatal, birth, postpartum, and gynecological care for free of charge for vulnerable pregnant mothers and babies. The Birthing Center was dedicated November 2018 & the first baby – Ruben – was born Dec 5, 2018.

Transform a Teenage Boy

In 2016, GoServ Global began reaching out to street boys through the ASL project (Action to Save Lives). ASL has become a safe haven for these boys who live on the streets by that offering a shower every morning, two meals a day, the love of Jesus. They are also taught vocational trade skills like carpentry and handicrafts and have the opportunity to go to school. It only costs $4/day to provide for one child at ASL.

In 2016, GoServ Global also leahaiti-transformrned of boys ages 10-17 who were in prison with adults, together in one space.  Under the leadership of Haitian national Eddy Constant, the boys in prison are now separated from the adults and are being fed thanks to GoServ Global. Funding is needed for this project too.



Sponsor a Child

GoServ Global supports 200+ children at 5 orphanages. Sponsorship provides one child with housing, food, education, medical/dental care, and a savings account. Transform a life- only $175/month or $2,100/year. Choose a child – https://goservglobal.org/sponsor-a-child-2/

haiti-teacherEducate a Child

GoServ Global educates nearly 650 children. $60 provides one child an education for a year.

Kitchen/Bathroom/Shower Facility

This facility is needed at the new church across from the Consolation Center that serves the entire community. $25,000.

James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village

Rescuing abandoned babies and homeless widows who live together in a community of Sukup Safe T Homes®.

Centre de Vie Church

Led by Pastor Rivenson Dige, the Centre de Vie Church is located in downtown Les Cayes and is averaging 400 parishioners on a given Sunday! This church is a light in a very dark place where voodoo is so prevalent. In 2017, the Centre de Vie Church planted a church in the mountains of Camp Perrin. What started as a street concert in 2015 led to a church plant in 2017!

haiti-waterWater Project

A drought in Les Cayes caused wells to dry up, forcing women and children to walk even further for clean water. Help us drill wells that serve entire communities. $2,500 covers 1 well & pump. Any amount will help … $25, $500, $1,000. Won’t you help bring clean water to Haiti?

Dental Clinic

GoServ Global completed the state-of-the-art Dental Clinic in 2015 and the first dental teams served the first patients late in the year. One of the first patients was a boy who arrived with a life-threatening infection from untreated dental needs. The dental team extracted four teeth and provided much-needed antibiotics and by the time the team headed back to the US, he was a different boy.

Matchlight Records

Translating and recording worship music in Haitian Creole with Rivenson Dige to distribute for free throughout Haiti. Purchase the album on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1240715568?ls=1&app=itunes or buy the CD at https://matchlightrecords.com/store/


Haiti Director

Haiti Director

Eddy and Djoune Constant: Founders of the Consolation Center, orphanage for 80+ girls, and head of GoServ Global Haiti Projects.
Haiti Missionary

Haiti Missionary

Britt Larson: GoServ Global Missionary, teaches at the ASL Project and assists with mission teams.


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