Haiti Ministry

The place that started GoServ Global, Haiti ministry continues to hold a special place in our hearts and the hearts of our donors, volunteers, and orphan sponsors. Once those smiling faces have gripped you, you’re never gonna be the same again. 

What do we do?


Over 500 Safe T Home® structures stand in Haiti. They provide housing for families or dorms for children living in our children’s homes. Because of your generosity this number just keeps growing


Our Haiti ministry gives hundreds of orphaned or abandoned children love and care. All of their basic needs are met, including a home and going to school. Children hear the good news that Jesus loves them and are shown it through the staff and visitors.


We go into the prison where there are children and make sure they are fed and get the resources they need to survive. The system in Haiti is one of the most overpopulated prison systems with very little chance for a trial or release. They’re really reluctant to let us in since COVID, but we’re back to being allowed in as of 2024.


We partner with ASL (Action for Saving Lives) children’s outreach to provide food and training for children living on the streets.  

They have kids come in five days a week; a lot of times, they’ll shower them, get them cleaned up, then do basic training of manners, sitting at the table, teach them basic things that our kids just learn by growing up in a home. They also teach some trades like how to make sandals, that kind of thing. Then they would have a bible teaching about every day. 


Many residents have little to no access to transportation in Camp Perrin. The community is separated from society by a river that floods. As a result, pregnant mothers usually give birth at home or travel miles to a hospital on foot, some dying before they arrive. Our birthing center delivers hope by offering patients high-quality prenatal, birth, postpartum, and gynecological care at no cost. An important part of the mission is helping mothers by teaching them about prenatal care, nutrition, and postnatal care. Thanks to your partnership, hundreds of babies are safely delivered each year.


Our state-of-the-art dental clinic offers a no to low cost option for people in need of treatment. One of the first patients at the clinic was a little boy who arrived with a life-threatening infection from untreated dental needs. A visiting dental mission team extracted four teeth and provided much-needed antibiotics. By the time the team returned to the United States, the child’s life was transformed.


With the turmoil caused by the political disruption that has seiged Haiti since mid-2022, food has become an evermore difficult basic need to provide for people, including the precious kids at our orphanages. The gangs often cause roadways and ports to close, making it take time for shipments of food to arrive. Food prices skyrocketed as fuel prices hit $35/gallon. Now that the Dominican Republic has closed the border it shares with Haiti, agricultural development is even more pressing. Farming practices are developed through the village of hope for local families in need and to provide food for the Center.


Your faith-filled support allows us to partner with two local churches in Haiti that are preaching the gospel and making disciples! We continue to see needs for churches in the communities impacted through the Safe T Home® ministry. We celebrate that one of our own students has felt called to pastor one such community!

Where We Serve

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