Mission Trips to Haiti

Volunteering in Haiti

Mission trips challenge us to open our hearts and change lives. Short-term missionary trips also provide life-changing opportunities for individuals, families and groups to make a difference by donating their time, energy and talents. Our mission trips in Haiti focus on an array of mission work, including disaster relief, dental missions, child sponsorships, education and more.

Disaster Relief in Haiti

Sukup Safe T Home Grain Bin House used for disaster relief in HaitiWhen disasters strike, volunteers are vital to helping our neighbors in Haiti. With 145 mph winds, Hurricane Matthew devastated Les Cayes in October 2016. Thanks to nearly 200 Sukup Safe T Homes®—quality, compassionate and durable dwellings—village residents remained safe. As many as 60 people crowded into one structure to ride out the storm.

Hundreds remain on a waiting list for a Sukup Safe T Home®. We invite you to continue walking this journey with our Haitian brothers and sisters. While much has been done, the need is still great. Learn more about Sukup Safe T Homes® and how you can get involved.

Haiti Birthing Center

GoServ Global raises funds to support its birthing center in a remote Haitian village. At Camp Perrin, residents have little to no access to transportation and roads. The community is separated from businesses, healthcare, and schools by a river that floods.

As a result, pregnant mothers usually give birth at home or travel miles by foot to a hospital. Many women die before reaching medical assistance. Our birthing center includes eight Sukup Safe T Homes and a clinic that offers high-quality prenatal, birth, postpartum, and gynecological care at no cost for vulnerable patients.

The birthing center was dedicated in November 2018. Ruben, the first baby delivered at the center, was born December 5, 2018. Donated funds allow us to continue to offer quality healthcare, medicine, and God’s love to women and babies.

Child Sponsorship in Haiti


GoServ Global supports 200+ children at five orphanages in Haiti. Sponsorship provides one child with housing, food, medical and dental care, and a savings account. GoServ Global also educates nearly 650 children in Haiti—just $60 provides one child with access to education for a year.

When you become a donor for a child in Haiti, you welcome a child into your heart. You can transform a life for $175/month or $2,100/year. To learn more, browse child biographies, and choose a child to sponsor, visit our child sponsorship page.

Haiti Dental Clinic

Missionary trips to Haiti give volunteer medical and dental professionals the chance to make an impact—and many feel they receive much more than they give.

Dental teams served the first Haitian patients at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in 2015. One of the first patients was a boy who arrived with a life-threatening infection from untreated dental needs. The team extracted four teeth and provided much-needed antibiotics. By the time the team returned to the United States, the child’s life was transformed.



Haiti Director

Haiti Director

Eddy and Djoune Constant: Founders of the Consolation Center, orphanage for 80+ girls, and head of GoServ Global Haiti Projects.
Haiti Missionary

Haiti Missionary

Britt (Larson) Timothè: GoServ Global Missionary, teaches at the ASL Project and assists with mission teams.

Support Haiti

Learn how you can make a difference on a mission trip to Haiti. Explore our latest Haitian mission trip projects or consider joining us in sharing God’s love by supporting our sponsors.

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