United States Ministry

  • We mobilize quickly when a disaster strikes
  • Equipment and volunteers are brought in
  • Partnerships with churches and organizations are made
  • Hope is delivered to people in need

The GoServ Global Domestic Team is a small group of self-supported missionaries working to provide guidance and resources so volunteers can successfully help those in need and come alongside other organizations to help them meet their goals in serving people. 

What do we do?


We define those in need as people that a natural or human disaster has impacted. We assist those who are especially vulnerable such as widows, elderly, and those with health issues. We develop life-long friendships with those we serve and serve alongside.


We maintain an inventory of tools, supplies, compact heavy equipment, trucks, and trailers that can be deployed quickly to a disaster site or used to serve other organizations. The trucks and trailers are also used to haul debris out of a disaster site.


We recruit, train, and lead volunteers so they can be successful and better equipped to help others.


We provide expertise and experience to help volunteers work safely and efficiently, producing quality assistance. 


We define success as volunteers providing a positive outcome for those in need AND being positively impacted by their own experience. One indicator is seeing new, lasting relationships develop between those in need and those volunteering.


With a solid infrastructure, committed staff, and a growing volunteer base, GoServ Global is positioned to remain at a disaster site long-term. Our desire is to come alongside a community, build relationships, and assist them. This has meant being deployed at the same site for up to 6 months. Those we serve often become volunteers who serve with us at other disaster sites. 

Human Disasters

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Where We Serve

The GoServ Global community extends across more than 6 countries around the world.