This mission happens because of generous givers like you! Choose to fuel the mission of sharing God’s love and meeting needs through monthly giving. By joining TEAMHOPE you help bridge the gap.

You Disrupt Poverty

Many people in the developing world where GoServ Global serves, live in extreme poverty. Poverty creates barriers that cause trauma where shame and lies take root. This desperation makes people vulnerable to exploitation and the evils of the world.


When you partner with GoServ Global by joining TEAMHOPE and giving monthly, children eat and go to school, families live in homes, medical care is received, disaster relief is possible, and Jesus’ love is shared.

GoServ Global is

The GoServ Global team stewards the mission, you pray, care and act to make it happen. Who is GoServ Global? GoServ Global is YOU!

As required by the IRS, this contribution is made with the understanding that the ministry has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.