Safe T Home® Ministry


In the aftermath of an earthquake that destroyed the homes of many in Haiti, Sukup Manufacturing engineered a solution: a modified grain bin home that was easily assembled and the perfect humanitarian housing solution for this crisis. Partnering with GoSev Global as the official distributor, 100s of lives are being impacted. 

Safe T Home®

GoServ Global and Sukup Manufacturing Co. support people around the world by providing Sukup Safe T Home® units. This home is a highly modified grain bin that is resistant to earthquakes, termites and moisture. It is offered as housing to families, dorms in children’s homes, and bunks for church retreat centers or medical centers within our missions’ sites around the world.

Safe T Home® Cost


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Cement Foundation


Total - One Safe T Home®

Construction and Interior Space

The Sukup Safe T Home® provides long-term housing or short-term relief to people in need. The round design withstands high winds and has proven to be nearly earthquake-proof. The homes are 254 square feet of living space and made of 20-gauge galvanized steel. They measure 18 feet in diameter with eight feet sidewalls, and stand 13.5 feet high.

The double roof system deflects heat, redirects rainwater and ventilates the interior space regardless of wind direction. The roof can support 5,000 pounds for families who wish to add a sleeping or storage loft. These life saving homes have a 75- year life expectancy.


  • Provide shelter for a large amount of people within a short period of time
  • Easy to ship and transport
  • Can be built in a day
  • 100 percent termite, fire, and waterproof.
  • Lockable windows for security
  • Each home includes a solar panel, giving a reliable light source.
  • Homes have louvers in the heat shield to capture rainwater. Collected water can be used for cooking, bathing and growing crops.