Peru Mission Trips

Volunteer in Peru

Peru is home to a section of the Amazon rainforest, Machu Pichu, rich archeological sites and diverse groups of people. Peru is a developing country, and serious economic problems persist in some areas. GoServ Global missionary trips aim to help Peruvians who struggle with economic deficiencies, natural disasters and educational opportunities.

Mission Trips to Peru

Volunteers in Peru play volleyballOn a mission trip to Peru, volunteers have the opportunity to serve at Genesis Church. Volunteers may pray for the sick at a local hospital, minister to the community, help at a spiritual encounter camp, or do a construction project for those in need. Mission trip volunteers may also work at camp with agricultural projects.

New Church Building

Genesis Church outgrew its building and had the opportunity to purchase a bigger property. This property gives potential to reach the entire community as well as provide sustainability.

To help purchase the building, give now.

Support Peru

Learn how you can make a difference on a mission trip to Peru. Help Genesis Church purchase a new property to reach even more people with a gift today.

Nelton and Bethany Noriega

Nelton and Bethany Noriega

GoServ Global works with Nelton and Bethany Noriega, who serve as missionaries reaching the neglected people of the Amazon through Genesis Church. Bethany is the daughter of GoServ Global co-founder Terry and Debby Baxter.

Peru Missionaries

Together, groups of our volunteers in Peru built Hidden Creeks Bible Camp and Training Center in Iquitos, where they used Sukup Safe T Homes® as cabins for the camp. Genesis Church uses hidden Creeks Bible Camp as outreach for new Christians and to reach the community. Approximately 100 papaya and plantain trees have been planted at the camp in addition to an in-ground fish farm for sustainability and agriculture teaching.