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Below is a list of current projects for the end of 2023 and through 2024 to help support momentum in our ministries around the world! We want to see God move in big ways, and you can help. 100% of your gift goes where you designate it. Use our give buttons to donate online, or you can give through Venmo or Paypal. Search for charity GoServ Global and write a note to designate your gift. 

All gifts are tax-deductible through GoServ Global! If you’d like to help through fundraising, you can start a GoFundMe fundraiser for charity GoServ Global.

To give cash or check gifts, please send to GoServ Global 310 E Broadway, PO BOX 193, Eagle Grove, IA 50533.

Iowa/Nebraska Disaster Relief

Funds needed: $2,500 per day of deployment

In the late afternoon of April 26th, sirens were heard as a Tornado Emergency was issued for Omaha, NE, and Missouri Valley, IA. Our Domestic Team began preparing immediately for deployment as they heard of many tornados hitting the area. Please reach out immediately if you know anyone who needs help or have a connection that might be able to help us. 
Donations are vital for our Domestic Team to be able to deploy and serve these communities. Please consider donating and telling others how they can help. Reach out to Barb Meister if you can help. We will send out updates as we get them. Thank you! And please please pray for the families being affected by these disasters. 

Peru: Genesis Church Solar Panels

Funds needed: $10,000

Lightening struck and burned out 4 of our 6 panels at camp, leaving us at a severe disadvantage for electricity. We need to buy 7 more solar panel units and a new generator to have ongoing electricity at camp.

Haiti: Centre de Vie Church Construction

Funds needed: $71,000

Aug. 14, 2021, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake devastated much of south Haiti. Centre de Vie’s church building was beyond repair, so we’ve been helping to buy a new property. Since then, they have been meeting on the street and, most recently, under a tent at the new land that’s been purchased. The building process has begun, and we would love to be able to complete the first phase soon. Help to build a church that will share the gospel and transform lives for years to come!

Guatemala Property Purchase

Funds needed: $38,370

The growing ministry in Guatemala has the opportunity to grow, if we can help them purchase the last piece of land surrounding the school. Recently, a team leader went down and while there the negotiations were made that brought the price down on the land, if we could provide a downpayment. This land is for the continued vision to care for the elders and provide homes for them. Right now, they are scattered and living in run down homes that our team has to travel to check in on them. The vision to be able to offer better care to both the students, neighborhood kids, and the elders has grown into having space for them right by the school. Will you consider helping with this project? 

Watch for upcoming projects!

  • Small Town, Big Deal Sponsorship
  • Freedom Quest Media Ministry Expansion
  • Ankeny Office Move
  • Safe T Home® Ministry expansion in Africa
  • Promotion Events Sponsorships
  • Haiti Centre De Vie Phase Two
  • GoServ Global Overhead and Core Support Ministry Support
  • Warehouse Purchase in Albert City , IA, for United States Ministry
  • Peru: Genesis Church Aquaponics Project

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Our donors make all of our ministry possible through prayer, serving, and giving! If you’d like to support the ministry, use one of the buttons below to designate your gift or consider joining TEAMHOPE


You Disrupt Poverty

Many people in the developing world where GoServ Global serves, live in extreme poverty. Poverty creates barriers that cause trauma where shame and lies take root. This desperation makes people vulnerable to exploitation and the evils of the world.


When you partner with GoServ Global by joining TEAMHOPE and giving monthly, children eat and go to school, families live in homes, medical care is received, disaster relief is possible, and Jesus’ love is shared.

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