Guatemala Ministry

In the small, seaside town of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala, lies a growing community that needs the love of God and the care from a neighbor. Our team began serving in 2016 and continues to grow the ministry God is doing there. 

What do we do?


In Guatemala, many children born into poverty-stricken families don’t have the opportunity to attend school. Boys head to the fields to become day laborers at age 12, while girls are expected to marry at age 14. Education breaks this cycle. Inheritance of Life Christian School provides an education that enriches the lives of over 100 children and prepares them for the future.


While it has been difficult to get all the paperwork in order, we have begun the work of installing classrooms to expand to include grades 7-12 so that we no longer have to send our kids to different schools after the 6th grade. This expansion is well under way with the paperwork organized. We hope to have a computer lab to teach kids basic computer skills.


Guatemala has the sixth-highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. Many Guatemalans live on just $2 a day and struggle to provide food for their families. A feeding center at Inheritance School provides breakfast and nutrition five days a week for over 100 children.


Many elderly people in the community become forgotten and do not have support to care for them when their health fails, yet still have the burden of caring for their grandchildren and properties. Beginning in 2019, we have worked with around 10 elders at a time to show them God’s love by bringing supplies, praying with them, doing projects for their homes, and spending time caring for them. Our vision is to build a center near the school where they can stay so our team can care for them all together. 


People just like you have experienced life transformation by stepping out of their comfort zone to serve in Guatemala through short term missions. These trips give a hands-on opportunity toeet needs and share God’s love. You will broaden your worldview, and develop relationships with those you serve and serve alongside.

Meet our Team

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Where We Serve

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