Trip Location: DOMESTIC

The heart of GoServ Global’s Domestic Team has always been rooted in being the Hands and Feet of Jesus to those around us. We believe that when God said to love your neighbor, He meant that love to be in action. Join us on flexible trips that allow you to serve in various capacities around the United States, primarily the midwest. The Domestic Team is made up of people with various talents that work hard to share God’s love in many ways. 

During domestic trips, you might have the opportunity to help offer cleanup relief to those affected by a recent natural disaster, to help rebuild homes after a tornado tore them away, to serve in a community that is battling the cycles of crime and poverty by building something good in the midst of it, or many other practical ways. Our hope is that you will be able to use your time and talents to show God’s love while learning more about those that God calls us to love. 

We want to work with you and your team for dates! Contact us to find out what is available for 2024 or 2025.

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Mission trip Next Steps

More about disaster response trips?

Disaster volunteers clean up after natural disasters such as tornado, hurricane, flooding, or ice storms. We typically travel within 500 miles of our base in Albert City, IA. When a disaster hits, we evaluate the need and pray about over the decision. If God says “GO,” we load up. Our work is to minister to those in need by hearing what they need and finding a way to provide it. Contact us to be notified when a disaster strikes that we will be responding to. 

More about disaster recovery trips?

We stay in relationships with those we help at disaster sites for the long haul. Our goal is not just to be there when their house needs debris cleaned up but to be there when they need to begin rebuilding again. This type of work leans heavier into construction and interpersonal skills. 

More about ABIDE OMaha trips?

We have a great partnership with ABIDE Omaha and regularly take teams to do work with them. We can take youth teams or adult teams and work alongside the ministry needs ABIDE has. This may be construction, outreach, or other ministry opportunities. Dates are flexible.

Other serving opportunities?

Another part of our passion is meeting the needs of the communities around us! We believe good stewardship of our funds and equipment includes serving those in front of us. We help elderly people who can no longer care for their properties and widows, partner with different non-profits with similar values, and work alongside other people in need. Fill out a contact form to stay updated with upcoming projects.

We also have a very active role in GoServ Global’s promotional events! These events often include assembling a Safe T Home® (learn more here), getting our name out there, and inviting others to join the mission of GoServ Global.