Safe T Home


GoServ Global has teamed up with Sukup Manufacturing Co. to bring relief to the families without homes. Using highly-modified grain bins, what we call a Sukup Safe T Home®, we have been able to provide nearly 300 homes in Haiti alone. This has allowed people without homes since the massive and devastating earthquake in 2010 almost to finally have a place of their own. In addition, GoServ Global’s latest Sukup Safe T Home® projects include an Orphan Refugee Camp in Uganda and Hidden Creeks Bible Camp in Peru.

Hurricane Matthew, hitting Haiti in October 2016 with winds of up to 145 mph, put the nearly 200 Sukup Safe T Homes® in Haiti to the test. ALL of the Safe T Homes withstood the hurricane with minimal damage! 

Safe T Home® brochure

GoServ Global has built Sukup Safe T Homes® in:

Haiti – Nearly 300 homes

Uganda – 20 homes

Peru – 10 homes

Kenya – 10 homes


$5,700 for one Sukup Safe T Home®

$1,000 to ship one Sukup Safe T Home®

$300 to build a cement foundation for one Sukup Safe T Home®

$7,000 for shipping (from Iowa to Haiti) and complete setup of one Sukup Safe T Home®

(10 Sukup Safe T Homes® fit on one Shipping Container)

Factory Engineered for precision assembly and economics

Double roof system includes proven heat deflection design.

Assembles on sight with simple hand tools.

A volunteer team of four can assemble one unit in around ten hours.

Two or three teams can assemble a shipping container of Sukup SAFE T HOMES® in a week.

10 units with lofts can be shipped in one shipping container.

Roof has built in water collection potential for domestic use.

One small solar panel comes standard for one light.

Steel Construction for amazing durability

20 gauge galvanized steel for around a 75 year life expectancy.

Round design sheds design will withstand high winds.

Near Zero Seismic Load so it is virtually earthquake proof.

Windows come with 16 gauge galvanized perforated steel screens and have lockable covers for security.

Made of 90% recyclable materials.

Roof can support 5,000 pounds for adding a sleeping loft or storage.

100% Termite, fire and water proof for longevity


The home is 18’ diameter and has 8’ sidewalls. It stands 13.5’ from bottom to roof peak.

The home has 254 square feet of interior usable space.

It has a water collection potential that is standard on all units.

It also has a Continuous Eave Vent that keeps rainwater from entering the home while providing the benefit of constant ventilation regardless of wind direction.

Multiple use and applications

Advance productions can easily be stored in shipping containers for immediate emergency and disaster relief shelters.

Can erect shelters for thousands of people within a short period of time.

Compassionate long term dwellings for rebuilding housing infrastructure.

Can easily connect two, three or more units together for multiple rooms.

Poverty relief and compassionate family dwellings.

Permanent and yet portable for relocation if needed.

Easily adaptable for multiple applications from offices, homes, schools and churches to hospitals, mobile clinics and stores.

Local flora can easily be used as decor to match the culture and environment.

Benefits of the Sukup SAFE T HOME® building system

Assembly assistance available upon request for fast and efficient projects.

Nationals can quickly be trained as assembly teams which can create jobs and revenue.

Can easily be dismantled, moved and reassembled at a new site.

Easily expands by adding another ring for height or connecting two, three, or more units together for additional rooms.

This prototype has a dirt floor, but concrete can easily be poured inside for permanent dwellings.

Suitable for all phases of a recovery effort: Emergency (immediate), Transitional (6 months – 2 years), Permanent dwellings.

Affordable for governments, civic organizations, churches or mission organizations.

Easy to transport by truck, boat, mule or if necessary even carried by hand to remote sites.