Safe T Home

Disaster Relief With Sukup Safe T Homes®

GoServ Global and Sukup Manufacturing Co. bring disaster relief to families around the world. The Sukup Safe T Home® is a highly modified grain bin that is resistant to earthquakes, termites and moisture. Grain bin houses or silo homes—what we call Sukup Safe T Homes®—provide refugee housing and day-to-day shelter for families who need a safe place to live.

Sukup Safe T Homes® as Refugee Housing

A devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, destroying homes, businesses and facilities. During the recovery period, our teams saw an opportunity to build cost-effective refugee housing that would withstand natural disasters.

Six years later, all Sukup Safe T Homes® withstood Hurricane Matthew with minimal damage. Since then, Sukup Safe T Homes® have provided nearly 300 silo homes in Haiti, as well as homes in Uganda for refugee children fleeing from South Sudan, Peru and Kenya.

How Much Does a Sukup Safe T Home® Cost?

A Safe T Home® costs $5,700 for nonprofits intending to use the grain bin house for humanitarian efforts. Approximately 10 homes fit on one shipping container. Explore the costs involved from purchase to setup:

  • $5,700 for one Sukup Safe T Home®
  • $1,500 to ship one home
  • $300 to build a cement foundation
  • $7,500 TOTAL

To learn more about Sukup Safe T Homes®, view the full brochure.

Steel Construction and Interior Space

The overall round design withstands high winds, while the near-zero seismic load is virtually earthquake proof. Inside, 254 sq. ft. provides families with long-term refugee housing or short-term disaster relief.

Sukup Safe T Homes® are made of 20-gauge galvanized steel for a 75-year life expectancy. These silo homes measure 18 ft. in diameter with 8 ft. sidewalls. They stand 13.5 ft. from the bottom to the roof peak. They offer two windows to promote airflow, with lockable covers for security and 16-gauge, galvanized steel screens.

The double roof system deflects heat, redirects rainwater and ventilates the interior space regardless of wind direction. The roof can support 5,000 pounds for families who wish to add a sleeping or storage loft.

Additional Sukup Safe T Home® Benefits

Sukup Safe T Homes® provide a multitude of additional benefits—from efficient assembly to easy transport by truck, boat or hand to remote areas. Additional benefits include:

  • Travels quickly via shipping container for disaster relief
  • Provides shelter for thousands of people within a short period of time
  • Contributes to rebuilding housing infrastructure
  • Connects to other units to create multi-room, transitional or permanent dwellings
  • Affordable for governments, civic organizations, churches or mission organizations
  • Adaptable for offices, homes, schools, churches, hospitals, mobile clinics and stores


GoServ Global offers assembly assistance upon request. Contact us if interested in a Sukup Safe T Home® for a refugee housing project or mission trip.