We have 15 elders that we are caring for, bringing basic supplies and medical supplies, spending time to share God’s love and pray with them so they know they are cared for. 

We are moving the organic garden! 800 blocks were moved so far. We have to take out the bed and we will reuse the same blocks in the new location. The garden will be in the backyard of the school. 

The organic garden we have cultured the last few years was on a property the mayor of the town gave us to use, but he now wants to use it so we are transplanting everything. 

Some of the plants we grow don’t produce a fruit until they have grown over a year, so we are being careful not to lose the work we have done. 

The area behind the school where the garden will go. Digging up the ground to put in a fence. 

Our school and church continue to gather and minister to the community. 

A little cell group from our church gathers twice a week for a service and prayer. Please pray for the church so the community people come and take ownership of the church ❤️ We sometimes get adults but would love to see more coming regularly. 

Kids after a week without school (for vacation). They miss coming to study! In Guatemala, education is not a priority for the kids and it is very easy to see this, in teenagers or even youth, is very difficult for them to read or write correctly, and classes often are expected to cancel for weather like even rain. We held a meeting with the parents in the school to tell them that we will be more strict to try and help the kids more, but also to help them see we need their help. Because of COVID-19, kids here didn’t study correctly for almost 2 years and the government ordered schools that no kid can flunk because of COVID-19. 

Our principal, Mr. Diego, celebrate his birthday number 200! Haha kidding on his age. We invited this teddy bear and it came to the school in the middle of recess to give Mr. Diego a message from all our kids in the school. He was very happy!