ALBERT CITY, IA – Tucked away in northwest Iowa, home to GoServ Global’s Domestic Team. Manned by two full-time missionaries, this ministry began in 2011 in response to a local natural disaster and has grown to respond to some of the worst Midwest disasters in the last 13 years. Completely donor-supported, the Domestic Team connects with volunteers to steer them toward success in responding to disasters. Armed with skid loaders, an excavator and many tools, trucks and trailers, they travel up to 500 miles away and minister to the victims left to pick up the pieces in the midst of the chaos left by tornados, floods, wind storms, ice storms, and more. Dennis Anderson, director of the ministry since its roots, says, “We want to be good stewards of what God has given us: our time, talents, and resources.” You will often find him using his background in ministry and farming to serve those in need.

Barb Meister came on in 2020 and has been able to pour out her heart for others since. “When I’m on the field, finding the tools, volunteers, food, or other resources needed for a project that will help someone in need, I’m at my best. Being able to be Jesus’ hands and feet after a storm came through and took everything from them is what I’m here for,” she says.

As disaster season is upon us, we invite you to keep them in your prayers and consider sending a team or giving a donation to their ministry. When not doing disaster relief, they are able to spend time serving vulnerable communities, helping the elderly, widows or those without the financial capabilities of helping themselves during personal disaster. Using their God-given resources and tools, they often partner with like-minded ministries to bless others.

If you would like to schedule a short-term mission trip, GoServ Global’s Domestic Team is currently scheduling 2024 trips to both Omaha, Nebraska, and Mayfield, Kentucky. Trips can be built around all different skill levels and sized teams.
You can learn more at or by calling Barb Meister at ‭(712) 283-2304‬.

Contact Regan Crawford to schedule a speaker at your church.
Send donations designated to Disaster Response to GoServ Global at 1370 NW 18th St. Ankeny, IA 50023. Put “disaster response” or “domestic” in the memo.

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Photos from Mayfield, KY, after several tornados tore through, including an EF4 level tornado. GoServ Global served for 60 days in the aftermath and continues to send teams to help rebuild the community.