Hurricane Matthew, the fiercest hurricane in a decade with winds up to 145 mph, hit Les Cayes, Haiti, where Iowa-based GoServ Global rescues the vulnerable – orphans, widows, abandoned babies, displaced families, etc.

We are so thankful to report that all of our orphans, widows and staff are alive! Approximately 10% of the traditional homes in the area were left standing after the hurricane, while all Safe T Homes® (nearly 200) withstood the hurricane with just minimal damage! The Safe T Home® saved lives in our villages as people from the community crammed into the home to ride out the storm (as many as 60 people in one Safe T Home®).

Safe T Homes® are one of GoServ Global’s main priorities in Haiti. Each Safe T Homes® costs $5,700 plus $1,000 to ship, and about $300 for cement. So altogether to purchase 1 Safe T Home® and get it from Sheffield, Iowa to Les Cayes, Haiti costs $7,000.

10 Safe T Homes® fit in one shipping container. To give to the Safe T Home®, click HERE and choose “Safe T Home®” in the dropdown.

GoServ Global projects did sustain major damage to our traditional buildings as most of the roofs are gone. In addition, many of our crops, livestock like chickens, rabbits, and fish farm are gone as well as all the fruit trees are destroyed. However, the Centre de Vie Church located in downtown Les Cayes with Pastor Rivenson Dige has very minimal damage and a held church service just a few days after the hurricane! Most of the churches in the area are damaged beyond use.

Since Hurricane Matthew, several GoServ Global teams have served to help with the aftermath, building 4 Safe T Homes at the Center of Help Orphanage that was virtually destroyed. In addition, teams have replaced roofs on many buildings and unloaded the first of several shipping containers to reach Les Cayes.

Just a few days after Hurricane Matthew, Co-Founder Ken DeYoung flew a small crew and much-needed food, water, and other emergency supplies to Les Cayes. Below is a picture of Ken and Board Member Conwell Larson with some of the boys at the Joshua House Boys Orphanage with the Safe T Homes® in the background.

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