Would you mind sharing this with whoever you can? We are looking at some major damage caused by the tornados that tore through Nebraska/Iowa today. Our Domestic Team is at this point 100% going to be deploying, but we need donations in order to serve the communities there. Barb and Dennis are going this weekend to evaluate the need, but the news coming in shows that there will likely be a lot of work needed done. 
We set up a button to give on our website: goservglobal.org/give/ at the top of the page or visit goservglobal.org/disaster to learn more. If you would be willing to help us get the word out there, that would be so appreciated. I heard there is a building of 70+ workers that collapsed when the tornado came through. These families need some serious hope! 
Please consider praying with us and helping to get the word out there. 

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