How to Help Kentucky Tornado Victims

Volunteer or Donate to the Tornado Relief Fund

On December 10–11 2021, a series of devastating tornadoes touched down in Kentucky. The powerful swarm of twisters tore a 200-mile path through the state, leaving demolished businesses and homes in its wake. Governor Andy Beshear announced that the state is mourning 78 lives lost to the estimated 40 tornadoes, while neighboring states report additional deaths.

The full extent of financial loss remains to be calculated as disaster assistance and emergency relief program volunteers begin cleaning up rubble. The state needs organizations and individuals to support with natural disaster recovery efforts for the victims and families who have lost nearly everything. As an organization, GoServ Global has a devoted domestic team who specializes in bringing heavy equipment, volunteers, and resources to disaster sites immediately following a disaster to assist with cleanup and recovery efforts.

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Who can volunteer for tornado relief? 

GoServ Global is calling on interested volunteers who are age 18 or older. Our emergency relief program coordinators need individuals who can perform the following physical tasks:

For disaster relief jobs in areas hardest hit by the Kentucky tornadoes, we are also seeking the following skilled volunteers:

What does a disaster response team do?

As a disaster response volunteer with GoServ Global, you may help Kentuckians clean up debris, recover personal items from wreckage, and rebuild property lost to this devastating and historic weather event. GoServ Global’s construction volunteer opportunities are open to those who are qualified, willing, and able to help us administer disaster relief services.

Disaster response volunteers may also pray for the victims of these storms. Here are specific ways to pray for this mission:

How do I become a Kentucky volunteer?

Individuals who are interested in volunteering with GoServ Global may submit a volunteer form.

On December 28, 2021, GoServ Global will begin dispatching much-needed disaster relief services in Kentucky. Please follow our Facebook page and/or to be among the first to receive more information about Kentucky volunteer opportunities.

GoServ Global volunteers receive free lodging in Kentucky during their time supporting disaster relief activities. We simply recommend a $10/day donation from our volunteers to offset food expenses.

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I can’t volunteer.

Not everyone is in a position to become a Kentucky volunteer. We understand that you may not have the skillsets, physical abilities, health, or time to join our natural disaster recovery efforts on the ground in Kentucky. However, you can still support the people of Kentucky. Families need financial donations and prayers from people like you at this time and for many months ahead.

You can deliver hope domestically during this extremely difficult time. Countless Kentuckians have lost their homes, clothing, food, pets, places of employment, and vehicles. Many have to live in temporary shelters and hold funerals for loved ones. While financial donations help tornado victims through this difficult time, your generous gifts also pay for GoServ Global’s relief-related expenses, such as fuel, maintenance and repairs, travel to devastated areas, as well as lodging and food for volunteers during their time in Kentucky.

The GoServ Global team is also seeking a passenger van to transport volunteers to and from Iowa, as well as donated meat to feed our volunteers.

By donating to GoServ Global’s domestic disaster relief fund, you can deliver hope to the Kentucky families who experienced these devastating tornadoes. It is only because of God’s blessing and grace to us that we can do this for others.

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About Our Domestic Emergency Assistance Program 

The passion of the GoServ Global team is to bless people who are God’s creation. We seek to bless people who have a need, and for some reason, struggle to meet that need on their own. We desire to do this by offering a helping hand.

The people we serve include, but are not limited to, U.S. families impacted by natural disasters (i.e., floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos and ice storms), widows and older Americans, single parents, and individuals stuck in poverty. Through our domestic relief services we aim to:

We also partner with other nonprofits to help them meet their goals in serving people. We provide an avenue for churches, businesses, individuals, and community groups that want to send people or resources to help in a natural disaster area. From Missouri, Indiana and Iowa to Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and now Kentucky, GoServ Global’s domestic emergency relief program extends a hand and changes lives.

Get involved today and deliver hope to those in need through volunteering or donations.


Kentucky Tornado Disaster VolunteersKentucky Tornado Disaster Volunteers