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Join 900+ GoServ Global ambassadors who have stepped out of their comfort zones to provide life-changing resources, disaster relief and more. Short-term mission trips not only broaden your worldview but also draw you closer to God and deliver much-needed educational, medical and spiritual support to communities, orphanages and schools.

GoServ Global is now planning trips to Peru, Guatemala, and Uganda, as well as domestic opportunities.  Because of safety concerns, we are not able to schedule trips to Haiti and India at this time.  Consider joining a team or bringing your own team to one of these mission locations in 2023.  Fill out the form below if you’re interested in serving on a short-term mission trip. To learn more information about GoServ Global’s short-term mission trips, please contact our office at (515) 448-3131.

Mission Trips to Peru

Short-term mission trip volunteers work with missionaries Nelton and Bethany Noriega at Genesis Church and Hidden Creeks Bible Camp. Volunteers may pray for the sick at a local hospital, minister to the community, help at a spiritual encounter camp or do a construction project for those in need.

“GoServ Global has changed my perspective on my faith. After going on this trip, I am ready to make my faith my own.” –Danica

Mission Trips to Guatemala

To help Guatemala’s recovery and development, our volunteers take short-term mission trips that promote education, biblical truth and hunger relief. Participants on volunteer mission trips have the chance to interact with students at the school, participate in a construction project and learn about the Guatemalan culture.

“This week was one of the most memorable weeks of my life.” –DJ

Uganda Mission Trips

Volunteers who participate in an orphanage mission trip to Uganda can interact with orphan refugee children from South Sudan who now live in Sukup Safe T Homes®. Volunteers may also work on building projects at the camp and use the opportunity to share their faith with community members.

“GoServ Global is a unique ministry in that it partners with local missions and meets real needs.” –Kaylee

Domestic Disaster Relief Mission Trips

Take part in a volunteer disaster relief project in the United States as part of GoServ Global’s domestic team. Disaster volunteers clean up after natural disasters, such as a tornado, hurricane or ice storm.

“Serving with GoServ Global has changed our lives!” –Joel and Linda

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“A mission trip is not about GoServ Global or what a person will get out of it; instead, it's all about bringing glory to God by being a part of His plan.“