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Bethany was raised in a Christian home with parents who were in full-time ministry and who constantly provided experiences for her to minister to others. Consequently, a strong call and desire for missions constantly shadowed her. In 1999, she went on her first international mission trip, with her dad, to the Czech Republic, and it cemented her future plans. In 2006, she began studies at Moody Bible Institute, spending summers in Peru doing full-time mission work until her graduation in 2009, at which point she moved to Peru for full-time service. Bethany met her husband, Nelton, on her third trip to Peru. They were married on September 13, 2009 in Iquitos. They had their first daughter, Kyliana, in 2010, Briel in 2012, and their son, Jayden, in 2017, and their newest daughter, Joy, in 2024.

COMING TO CHRIST: When Bethany was 3 years old, she was playing with her older brother, Daniel. He asked her if she knew if she was going to Heaven. She wasn’t sure, so he shared the Gospel with her, and she prayed to accept Christ.

MISSIONS WORK: In 2012, Bethany Baxter de Noriega and her husband, Nelton Noriega, planted and became the pastors of Iglesia Genesis – Un Nuevo Comenzar in Iquitos, Peru. In the last 11 years, God has expanded this great ministry, allowing them to do evangelism and discipleship, children’s ministry, youth ministry, men and women’s ministry, prison/street outreach, Hidden Creeks Bible Camp, and they have recently sent their first missionaries to Yurimaguas, Peru.