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DomesticDomestic Disaster Relief provides immediate assistance after a natural disaster, training for volunteers, and opportunities for mission trips targeting the forgotten or neglected towns, neighborhoods, and families. Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ by addressing the physical needs of people’s homes as well as sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

GoServ Global created this branch to address the many disaster and emergency relief needs within our own home front. We work with local churches and faith based organizations to find families with the greatest need and then offer people, equipment, resources, and the hope of Christ.


2018 Iowa Disasters

GoServ Global’s Domestic Disaster Relief Teams had a busy summer, serving in Des Moines, Marshalltown, and Albert City after storms hit the areas. GoServ Global worked with more than 40 families right here in Iowa who were impacted by flooding or a tornado. We have gutted basements, carried water-damaged furnishings to the curb, and removed trees that were on top of houses, etc.

In Des Moines we put up drywall for the Rubio family whose house was flooded with four feet of water, amidst numerous other families.

In Marshalltown, GoServ Global spent a lot of time taking down trees damaged in the tornado. One of the highlights during our time there was helping and praying with a couple in their 90’s.

GoServ Global also responded to a storm that swept through Albert City with winds up to 80 mph. Several volunteers spent the day cutting and hauling trees.

Would you consider partnering with GoServ Global so we can continue to help those in Iowa who have been impacted by natural disaster?

To volunteer, call GoServ Global’s Dennis Anderson at 712-887-0862. To give, visit https://goservglobal.org/give/ & choose Domestic Disaster Relief in the dropdown.




GoServ Global partnered with Service International to provide help to the people of Houston following Hurricane Harvey. We are helping people like Maria (left), a widow whose house filled with 27 inches of water. She, like many others, have no flood insurance so GoServ Global came along side her to replace the sheetrock in her home.








Skid loaders and excavators are essential to disaster cleanup for families in need. $100 for one tank of fuel



us-tireReserve Fund

GoServ Global is in need of a reserve fund so we can be ready for a disaster at a moment’s notice. $5,000



 Camper with Bunk Room

A used camper with bunk room is needed for disaster sites and promotional events. $10,000

Disaster Relief Events

North Sioux City, SD- flood

North Sioux City, SD- flood follow up

Branson, MO – tornado

Henryville, IN – tornado

Thurman, IA – tornado


Worthington, MN – ice storm

Moore, OK– tornado

Belmond, IA – tornado

Correctionville, IA – tornado

Panora, IA – tornado

Correctionville, IA – tornado follow-up

Wakefield, Neb – tornado

Washington, IL – tornado

Fairdale, IL – tornado

Lake City, IA – tornado

Eagle Grove, IA – 80+mph winds

Houston, TX – Hurricane Harvey

Des Moines, IA – flood

Marshalltown, IA – tornado

United States

United States

Dennis and Julie Anderson have been the Domestic Directors for GoServ Global since September 2011. In addition to developing and running Domestic GoServ Global, they lead teams to Haiti. Dennis and Julie raise 100% of their faith-based personal support.


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Join the Emergency Disaster Relief Volunteer List:

Volunteers will receive email notification of domestic disaster relief opportunities and if able to respond will come for whatever period of time they can.

Dennis or Julie Anderson
(712) 887-0862
to join the list.