Trip Location: PERU Genesis Church

Travel with us to the midst of the Amazon Rainforest to the largest city in the world only accessible by air or by water. Iquitos, pronounced ee-key-toes, sits adjacent to the Amazon River and generally has temperatures in the 80-95º F range with an almost daily dose of rainfall. The spoken language is a dialect of Spanish influenced by the Quechua language that was spoken for many years in the jungle areas. Iquitos is a city with many people who struggle with drug addiction, witchcraft, and poverty. 

During this trip, you will work with missionaries Nelton and Bethany Noriega at Genesis Church and Hidden Creeks Bible Camp. Prepare yourself for an immersion experience into the life of a missionary and pastor serving alongside the people of Genesis Church in all their ministries. While serving might include practical tasks like building or farming projects, there will also be opportunities to serve children, youth, and adults in different capacities at outreach events or church services. You will see hands-on ministering to the community, help at a spiritual encounter camp or do a construction project for those in need, as well as experience the worship that the Gospel Coalition calls “Gospel Light in Latin America’s Darkest Region (read here).

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Your total costs include airfare and GoServ Global daily fees of $130/day, which cover food, lodging, and travel within the country. Airfare costs vary and will be finalized when all team spots are filled.

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