Projects by regions

Uganda Mission Trips

GoServ Global partners with John Pipes of International Messengers to build a refugee camp with Sukup Safe T Homes® for orphan children from war-torn South Sudan. Nearly 50 children have arrived and now have a safe place to live, enough food to eat, an opportunity to attend school, and house mothers who care for them. The children are also learning about the love of Jesus. Forty Sukup Safe T Homes® complete this camp along with a Sukup steel building that serves as the church for the entire community.


Domestic Disaster Relief

Domestic disaster relief provides immediate assistance after a natural disaster, training for volunteers, and opportunities for mission trips that target forgotten or neglected towns, neighborhoods, and families. Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ by addressing the physical needs and sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


Guatemala Mission Trips

In Guatemala, GoServ Global works with Mark Lee, a GoServ Global missionary who leads teams to  the community of Nueva Concepcion, which is located in the southwest corner of Guatemala.

The project is focused on planting a church and a Christian school to minister to neglected field workers and their families through education and biblical truth.


India Mission Trips

GoServ Global works with Sunny, a national pastor who works in one of the most needy states in India. Sunny is the head of DREAM INDIA, a nonprofit that delivers Hope to the people in Orissa. The nonprofit focuses on underprivileged children and orphans delivering hope to these people of India. Sunny’s wife, Kuni, is the head of staff at Emmanuel English Medium School run by DREAM INDIA.


Peru Mission Trips

GoServ Global works with Bethany Noriega and her husband, Nelton. The couple serve as missionaries and work to reach neglected people of the Amazon. Bethany is the daughter of GoServ Global co-founder Terry and Debby Baxter.

GoServ Global has built Hidden Creeks Bible Camp in Iquitos, Peru, which is located along the Amazon River. The camp is comprised of Sukup Safe T Homes® and includes a chapel, dining hall, and bathroom facilities. Genesis Church uses the camp to host retreats for men, women, and families to grow closer to God


Haiti Mission Trips

GoServ Global has built nearly 400 Sukup Safe T Homes®, including several villages, Joshua House Boys Orphanage, James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village, a medical clinic, a dental clinic, a school, several churches, and 10 drinking wells. Mission trips support five orphanages, a prison ministry, Boys Street Ministry, and a range of agricultural projects.