My time in Peru is coming to an end. What an amazing time with family and ministry. I told Hannah to keep me busy for the Lord. Both Bethany and Hannah took me seriously. So far I’ve taught the entire Freedom Quest Workshop at Life Line Ministry Center. Preached two services at Genesis Church. Led a two hour question and answer time at Life Line Ministry Center. Preached the Mother’s Day message at Word of Life Church. A big surprise was that 8 people came forward to accept Christ at the end of the service, and five were grown men. It was amazing! Tonight I finish a two night leadership workshop at Life Line Ministry Center. Last night was on “Seven Characteristics of an Effective Leader.” Tonight is on “Twelve Characteristics of an Effective Church.” Nearly forty attended last night. I was expecting ten.

Another blessing is that I’ve been able to keep writing the Daily Bible Commentary here in Peru even though my iPad was lost in travel. All attempts to track it down have been in vain. It looks like a replacement is needed.

More good news, thanks to Daniel our son, work on the house we are building on our homestead in Iowa has continued in my absence. He has been a major blessing! Texturing and painting has been completed in the main house and the fitness room. Lights and fixtures have been installed. Concrete floors are getting grinding done and a special epoxy finish is being applied as I write.

When I get home, the kitchen and bathrooms need done, carpeting in the loft and upper bedrooms installed, rustic stairs and hand rails installed to the loft and some trim work finished … and then we are ready to move in! Building my own house from scratch has been a life long dream come true.

It has been a long process delayed by two knee replacements, drilling an unexpected new well and tons of ministry and travel. The good news… we are positioned to cross the finish line 100% debt free early this fall. God is so good!

Woodshop in Iquitos, Peru

I am also working on turning our property into a self sustaining “Back to Eden Food Forest.” I am in my 3rd year of the process. I have learned so much! Made some mistakes. But, I’m being blessed with many new insights from the Bible. Our barren ground is starting to produce a variety of perennial foods and annuals in raised garden beds. This fall I hope to build a greenhouse. I had no clue how much quality food a few acres could produce and the amazing variety.

Well, that’s a short wrap. Early Thursday morning I started traveling home. Debby is staying another week in Peru. Unfortunately, I have a fourteen hour layover in Lima, Peru, all day Thursday. Hmm, I wonder what God has in store?


Short Update by Terry Baxter: Co-founder of GoServ Global