This house was occupied by a 84 year-old lady who could not get to the basement in time. She miraculously survived by standing in an interior hallway. I do not use the word “miraculously” lightly.

This brick house sits high on a hill outside Council Bluffs, where 84 year-old Sylvie lived. She was sitting at home on April 26th watching TV when the weather turned dangerous and it was clear a tornado was headed right toward her. Unable to get to the basement, she sheltered herself as best she could in an interior hallway. The tornado ripped the roof off right over her head and parts of the ceiling fell on her. The house, despite its brick construction, was shredded like it went through a blender. The hallway saved her life, but we arrived at the same time an excavator showed up to level the house. They will try and save the foundation. We will send volunteers tomorrow to pick up the enormous amount of shredded debris all around the house.

Will you keep this community in your prayers? Consider donating or going and serving to help people like Sylvie recover from the tremendous loss.

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Story and photo from Dan Jones. 

*names in story changed for privacy*