A Change in the Times: Mark 1:14-15
“14):Now after John had been taken into custody, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, 15) and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”” Mark‬ ‭1‬:‭14‬-‭15‬ ‭
One of the uniqueness about Mark, is that he has a lot of short two or three verse bursts to chew on. This is as example. Though they might be short, they are packed with meaning.
After John the Baptist was taken into custody, Jesus did His preaching tour of Galilee. We often don’t think of Jesus in these terms, but He was an itinerant evangelist. He was the gospel and He also went about preaching the gospel.
Notice, one of the themes of His message was “the time is fulfilled.” According to Galatians 4:4-5; “ “But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.”
Jesus marked a “changing of the times.” (See Acts 1:7) Old things were passing away, something new was coming. He was ushering in a new age. Some call it the age of grace. Others call it the church age. Some refer to it as the age of the indwelling Holy Spirit. The name is not as significant as the concept of a change of the times.
We are on the dawn of another change in the times. Some refer to it as the end times. Others call it the second coming of the Messiah. We are moving into the tribulation period followed by the millennial kingdom. (See Revelation 20)
The concept of a change in times was part of the gospel message Jesus preached. He said that the Kingdom of God was at hand. Later in His ministry Jesus gave many parables about the coming Kingdom of God. They pointed to this change in the times.
In response to this gospel, Jesus called people to repentance and faith. The faith message was new. Justification by faith in Christ instead of keeping the works of the Law was a new concept.
A change in the times does not happen easily. It is often accompanied by birth pangs. Let’s face it, change is hard for some people. The religious leaders fought Jesus and the change in the times to His death. Ironically, His death and resurrection brought about the change. They accomplished the very thing they were determined to prevent!
Daily Bible Commentary By Terry Baxter: Cofounder of GoServ Global.