Africa Trip Update: Our time in Africa has been very fruitful. My trip started in Uganda where I taught in a pastor training school for two weeks and preached at a church on Sunday. The Freedom Quest Material had a huge impact on these pastors.
Then this past Saturday, I flew to Ethiopia and meet three more team members. They were arriving from Kenya. Though we got to our motel around 11:00 PM, we were up early on Sunday and each preached in Spirit Filled Lutheran Churches on Sunday. These churches are very evangelistic and are reaching millions of people with the gospel.
We had meetings with church leaders Sunday afternoon and all day yesterday. The stories of how the gospel is spreading across Ethiopia and into surrounding Muslim nations were electrifying. This might be the greatest sustained movement of the Holy Spirit I have ever witnessed. They teach and disciple every new Christian to be a fruitful witness for Jesus Christ. Around 500,000 new believers are being added to the rapidly spreading congregations annually.
This morning we leave for Tanzania to view another ministry. We are considering a partnership to build remote birthing centers where no quality medical access exists. God has used recent remote medical trips to open manifold doors for the gospel. They have uncovered a huge need for birthing centers.
We have seen the same need in Haiti and Liberia as well. If the remote birthing center concept gains traction, it could lead to extensive opportunities for GoServ Global to partner with other mission groups across Africa. We are looking at utilizing the SafeTHome for this project. Please pray for wisdom and direction moving forward. I believe thousands can be reached with the gospel annually through this concept.
If all goes well, we should travel back to the United States by the end of this week. My vision tank is very full. January 2024 has been an amazing month! I will get home just in time to help interview a candidate for our GoServ Global Executive Director Position. Keep us in your prayers.
Terry Baxter Cofounder of GoServ Global