History = His Story (Matthew 1:1-17)
The book of Matthew here records the genealogy of Joseph. Luke chapter three records the genealogy of Mary. Both place Jesus as a descendant of both Abraham and King David. Luke goes all the way back to Adam. They make the case that history is indeed the story of the Messiah.
Notice that Matthew 1:3-5 includes three gentile women in the linage of Jesus Christ. Tamar, Rahab and Ruth were all Gentiles. These three mean that Jesus represented all humanity.
The history of the entire Old Testament can be covered by studying all the men and women named in these two genealogies. The whole span of human history is represented in these two chapters. When Luke 3:34-38 are added, pre-flood people like Noah, Methuselah and Enoch are also included. Notice, from King David backward both genealogies are the same.
A serious Bible student can also see much Bible prophecy in these genealogies. Jesus was indeed the seed of the woman traced through Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, king David and the Virgin Mary. No other figure in human history past or present can fulfill these prophecies of the Messiah. History is indeed His Story.
Daily Bible Commentary By Terry Baxter: Cofounder of GoServ Global