Review The Story: Hebrews 3-4 and Psalm 78
“18) And to whom did He swear that they would not enter His rest, but to those who were disobedient? 19) So we see that they were not able to enter because of unbelief.” Hebrews‬ ‭3:18-19‬
The entire book of Hebrews is based on a thorough understanding of the Old Testament and the history of the people of Israel. Many Christians today spend almost no time reading the Old Testament. They don’t know the story of how the Jewish people continually abandoned God.
Every serious Bible student needs a systematic reading program that includes daily reading in the Old Testament. It is the basis of everything taught in the New Testament. At the very least, get a good understanding of the Old Testament history books of Genesis through Esther. It will greatly enhance your understanding of the the New Testament.
If you need a quick refresher, stop and read Psalm 78. It is a crash course of Israel’s continual disobedience and rebellion and why God often disciplined and judged them. It is especially helpful in understanding Hebrews chapters three and four.
My homework assignment for today is simply to stop right now and read Psalm 78. Review the story of how Israel abandoned God. It is shocking!
Daily Bible Commentary By Terry Baxter: Cofounder of GoServ Global.