It was a joy for me to be able to participate in #FloodRelief in #Hamburg, Iowa last week. My job was to interact with families, offer assistance, and receive their written permission to enter their homes. Many of these people are in a hopeless situation and are positively impacted when we offer to help them try to overcome the flooding they have in their lives.

We offer to pray with these families for their specific needs – I have never had anyone turn down these prayers. I also had the privilege to direct some of the volunteers who were offering to perform needed clean-up. In a flood situation, this is hard and dirty work. I believe God expects us to serve those in need as we are able. I praise God for the way He has situated GoServ Global to participate in these local disasters. Dennis Anderson and all the volunteers are such an inspiration to work around.

Perhaps you would be in a position to serve with us for a few days. Or perhaps you could help us serve by making a financial donation. There are many costs associated with this assistance – fuel, tools, meal costs, and the vehicles, trailers, and other equipment that is part of what GoServ Global brings to serve in these situations.

– Daryle HamlinGoServ Global Board Member