LaBrise is a tiny fishing village right on the ocean in Haiti that was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew nearly 3 years ago. GoServ Global has built more than 20 Sukup Safe T Homes® in this village. One mother of 6 proudly shows us her new home.

“Even though the floor isn’t yet finished, I am so happy to get this home,” she said.

Her home is sparsely furnished with a table, some bowls for cooking, a tiny mat on the floor, yet she has a sparkle in her eye.

Down the road, a mother of 6/grandmother of 15 has been living in her Sukup Safe T Home® for 4 months. When asked if she likes her new home, she breaks out in a huge smile.

“This home makes me so happy,” she says. “When it rains, we now stay dry.”

With each home that’s given, GoServ Global makes sure to share the reason why we do what we do.

“We feel the Lord has asked us to do this and we hope you see Christ’s love through this,” shares Ken DeYoungGoServ Global Co-Founder and Haiti Director. “It’s important to have a physical home, but it’s more important to have an eternal home.”

At LaBrise, GoServ Global has been helped build a church for the community in addition to the homes, and many have come to Christ.

According to Yvald, a Haitian who works with GoServ Global, more than 150 families are on the waiting list for a new home.

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