Tom Bieber, D.D.S., first traveled to Haiti on a medical mission in 2011 through Zion Lutheran Church in Clear Lake, IA. At the time, he had no idea what a life-changing decision this would turn out to be. The devastation he witnessed in Haiti was overwhelming and he remembers hearing a group of kids playing and laughing and he wondered, how can they be so happy?

Throughout the week, their team held several medical/dental clinics, and after that first clinic, it became clear the monumental need for these services.  Two trips later, their team questioned how they could make a difference that was sustainable.

Enter GoServ Global. In 2013, Dr. Bieber joined several members from Zion in an exploratory trip with GoServ Global. It seemed like the perfect fit. Throughout the week, Dr. Bieber & the team completed dental exams and compiled dental records for the girls at Consolation Center (CCH) and some of the children at the school.

“I knew this was the place God wanted me to serve,” he shared. “I was certain that my future service would be with CCH and the work that GoServ Global is doing in Les Cayes.”

The team agreed and eventually the church was able to secure land and begin constructing a dental clinic next to the medical clinic. Next month, Dr. Bieber will join the Zion team to install equipment at the dental clinic as it’s nearing completion.

Since then, God has been in control and He has put opportunities and people in our path so we will be able to serve people in great need.  The majority of people in Haiti do not have the resources to see a dentist, so they live with the pain that comes with the absence of dental care.  My hope is that now we will be able to help the younger Haitians learn some preventive measures so they will have a healthier outlook and at the same time continue to treat those in pain.  It will be nice to go to Haiti and be able to save some teeth rather than just removing them!

There is no doubt that God has used the people of Haiti to strengthen my faith, and those children I heard playing and laughing that first night in Haiti have made me realize the things in life that really matter.

My Life

Tom and his wife Lisa live in Clear Lake where Tom practices dentistry at Lake Dental Associates.