In January of 2011, Tim went on a short-term mission trip to India with Terry Baxter, their interim pastor at the time and future founding member of GoServ Global. Shortly after this trip and through a series of events in Haiti, GoServ Global was birthed. Tim (Treasurer) and Lorie (Secretary) have served on the Board of Directors since its beginning.

In November 2012 both Tim and Lorie traveled to Haiti to help prepare the clinic at the Consolation Center for its dedication ceremony. While there they got to take part in a baptismal ceremony where 31 new members were added to Christ’s Church.  We both traveled to India in January 2014 where we reconnected with the children at the school, assisted with a pastor’s conference, and visited tribal villages and churches. In June 2014, Tim went to Peru to help with the first containers of Safe T Homes® and equipment that had arrived for a camp and pastor’s training center project called Hidden Creeks Bible Camp. More recently the couple served in Guatemala, helping with the church/Christian School and have also helped with GoServ Global’s domestic ministry.

“Our favorite missions are the ones we can go on together. We like working together, partly because we see things differently.  How I experience a trip can be very different than how Tim does, even as we are side by side! We can bounce thoughts and insights off of each other to more fully see the many ways God is working”, shares Lorie.

The Wittmaacks have had several opportunities to speak at churches and other groups about the work that God is doing through GoServ Global.

“At GoServ Global, we like to talk about being ‘World Changers’. That might sound presumptive, but if we can influence even one person to connect with Christ, to step out in ministry through His power, that person’s world is changed. As they connect with Him, they introduce His Gospel to another. It’s personal. It’s life changing. It IS world changing – one life at a time.”

My Life

The Wittmaacks live in the house Lorie grew up in on a Century Farm near Linn Grove, IA. Tim has worked at a small bank for nearly 30 years, Lorie at Ranco, a small manufacturing firm, for 11, and they do a little farming.