GoServ Global’s Domestic Disaster Relief Teams have been busy the past month, serving in Des Moines, Marshalltown, and Albert City after storms hit the areas. Over the past month, GoServ Global has worked with more than 40 families right here in Iowa who were impacted by flooding or a tornado. We have gutted basements, carried water-damaged furnishings to the curb, and removed trees that were on top of houses, etc.

In Des Moines we are putting up drywall for the Rubio family whose house was flooded with four feet of water.

In Marshalltown, GoServ Global is continuing to take down trees damaged in the tornado. Last week, we worked with 7 different families and hauled 14 loads of debris out of town. One of the highlights was helping and praying with a couple in their 90’s.

Yesterday, GoServ Global responded to a storm that swept through Albert City with winds up to 80 mph. Several volunteers spent the day cutting and hauling trees.

Would you consider partnering with GoServ Global so we can continue to help those in Iowa who have been impacted by natural disaster?

To volunteer, call GoServ Global’s Dennis Anderson at 712-887-0862. To give, visit https://goservglobal.org/give/ & choose Domestic Disaster Relief in the dropdown.