GoServ Global and Service International helped Willie and his three daughters during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Willie is a Vietnam Veteran, and when we arrived as his house, nothing had been done except a few things had been thrown away. Mold was growing rapidly on his walls and their carpet was still in throughout the house. Even though the house had been flooded with 3 feet of water, he said it was better living there than in the shelters.

Without moving the family out, we delicately removed the carpeting and tore out the drywall 48 1/2 inches high. Next, we cleaned and treated the house for mold. The water and electricity are still on so the family can continue to live there.  The house is a much healthier environment now, but we are waiting for the wood to dry before we hang the drywall and help them get back on their feet.

To give to help more families like Willie’s, visit https://goservglobal.org/give/  and Choose Hurricane Harvey in the dropdown. To volunteer, call Dennis Anderson at (712)887-0862. Another GoServ Global team will be leaving November 7th to serve in Houston!