Joe and Sadi, parents of seven children, living in a 3 bedroom flat, were devastated when Hurricane Harvey badly damaged their home. They decided to stay in their home even after the roof was struck by a tree limb causing severe leakage and water damage throughout the home.  Damages consisted of a roof collapse, ceilings damaged from water leaks, flooring ruined, water and mold damage, broken windows, damaged electrical wiring and gas lines, siding needed repair, and an unusable back door leaving only one entry and exit to the entire house.

The pastor of the church where we (GoServ Global and Service International) are basing our operation from, asked if we could possibly help this family of nine who had never asked anyone for help.

Joe had worked at a job for which he was on call 24/7, and it took him away from his family more than he could bear. Two years ago he made a decision to leave that job for something that didn’t pay as well, because his family was more important to him than making more money.

Since then things have been hard, but when the storm came, it was more than they could handle.  Without insurance or a place to stay, Joe was slowly trying to put his life back together, and that’s when Service International & GoServ Global stepped in to serve this family.

We started by demolishing the back two rooms of the house and rebuilding from scratch. We built a new foundation and went up from there. Now they will have a new kitchen with a place to seat and feed this family of nine, and a new bathroom with a bathtub and double vanity. They have new plumbing and electric, a new roof; we tore off the old one and repaired the holes before laying new shingles. It rained the day after the new roof was on, and they said it was wonderful that they didn’t have to get buckets to catch the water coming in through the ceiling. We haven’t finished yet but we are excited about how far it has come.

Thanks to donations, Service International and GoServ Global has replaced the following:

To give to help more families like Joe and Sadi’s,  and Choose Hurricane Harvey in the dropdown. To volunteer, call Dennis Anderson at (712)887-0862. Another GoServ Global team will be leaving November 7th to serve in Houston!