Part of the mission of GoServ Global is to “Share God’s love by responding to disaster”, as we have done many times in the last six years. Hurricane Harvey, which recently battered southeast Texas with torrential rains, presents another opportunity for GoServ Global’s amazing volunteers and donors to respond with God’s love once again.

The devastation from the flooding in Houston and surrounding areas is truly catastrophic due to more than 50 inches of rain. Pictures and videos I have seen show widespread flooding and damage, and I am expecting recovery efforts to last many months.

A common response is for relief teams to immediately converge on the disaster area. This can be counterproductive. Relief efforts will not be able to start in earnest until the flood waters recede and the experts have a chance to better assess where the relief efforts are most needed and what those relief efforts should consist of.

GoServ Global is currently assessing the situation to determine our best response. We want to ensure that we meet both spiritual and emotional needs, as well as, physical needs. And we want to seek God’s direction on what is going to be the best way to share His love.

We have begun contacting people we know in the Houston area who will be able to tell us what the greatest needs will be. Our action plan for disaster relief will depend on the information we receive from those in the immediate affected areas. Among some of the actions we are considering include the following:

As we formulate a plan, we will be communicating that to you with another update. In the meantime, we ask you to pray for GoServ Global as we make relief plans and ask you begin to consider how you might be able to assist with the disaster relief efforts.

If you feel called to donate, please visit & Choose “Hurricane Harvey” in the dropdown.

In Christ,

Paul van Gorkom

Executive Director

GoServ Global