I really don’t know how to put into words our day yesterday. Started out unloading more Safe T Homes from Iowa and then went to visit two places we are building. One family with six kids are living under what remains of their house since the Oct 4th hurricane. All that was left was the thatched roof so they dug a hole in the side and crawl in from the side to get out of the weather. The look of joy in the eyes as they have hope of their new home being done soon is something that I can’t explain. The difficult part is there are so many more needing help.

We ended the day taking a land cruiser FULL of our kids to the first night of the Festival of Praise in Les Cayes led by Pastor Rivenson Dige & the Centre de Vie Church. This year we are holding it in the poorest of poor part of town. This area is neglected for many reasons and they sure don’t see many blan (white people). The kids there can’t get enough of feeling, poking and prodding our white skin. And for some reason think it’s special to have a blan show interest in them. The best news is the gospel was shared very clearly and people responded.

Well back to unload another container this morning and another concert tonight.

PS. and people ask why we go to Haiti?!?!


Below: Pastor Rivenson Dige gets his team ready for the street concert in Les Cayes.