FROM THE FIELD: Mission Team

A team of 10 led by Dennis Anderson built a Safe T Home yesterday at the Center of Help Orphanage where several traditional buildings were badly damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

During the storm, children and staff from orphanage as well as community members huddled in the lone Safe T Home on the property. They survived.

The plan is to build 5 Safe T Homes on the property.

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received already. Please continue to pray for Haiti – for our leaders and our children, for our mission teams (1 is heading to Haiti tomorrow), and for funding for Safe T Homes. Sukup has 24 homes ready to go; GoServ Global is raising funds to pay for them.

1 Safe T Home = $5,700

Ship 1 Safe T Home = $1,000

Cement in-country = $300

Altogether to get 1 Safe T Home from Sheffield, IA to Les Cayes, Haiti all set up = $7,000

(10 Safe T Homes fit on 1 Shipping Container)