One week ago so many of you joined our loved ones in Haiti to pray for a miracle … that they would be safe during the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew that hit Les Cayes, Haiti with 145 mph winds.

Each day throughout the week provided more miracles …

*that in fact all of our beloved orphans, widows, and staff were ALIVE!

*that all 200 Safe T Homes were standing strong with just minimal damage, while only about 10% of traditional homes remained

*that the Safe T Homes saved countless lives as community members crammed into the space to ride out the storm (we hear as many as 60 people in 1 home!)

*that many of our buildings lost their roofs, but weren’t a total loss

*that people around the US donated; food and supplies were purchased, and our first relief team was able to fly to Haiti in just a matter of days

Thank you for your support. Please continue to pray for our loved ones and our ministry as the road to rebuild will be a long one.

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