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DomesticDomestic Disaster Relief provides immediate assistance after a natural disaster, training for volunteers, and opportunities for mission trips targeting the forgotten or neglected towns, neighborhoods, and families. Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ by addressing the physical needs of people’s homes as well as sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

GoServ Global created this branch to address the many disaster and emergency relief needs within our own home front. We work with local churches and faith based organizations to find families with the greatest need and then offer people, equipment, resources, and the hope of Christ.


**MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA – GoServ Global is working in Marshalltown following a tornado that struck the area July 19, 2018. GoServ Global seeks volunteers and funding. To volunteer, call/text Dennis Anderson at 712-887-0862. To give, visit goservglobal.org/give & choose “Domestic Disaster Relief” in the dropdown.



GoServ Global is partnering with Service International to provide help to the people of Houston following Hurricane Harvey. We are helping people like Maria (left), a widow whose house filled with 27 inches of water. She, like many others, have no flood insurance so GoServ Global is coming along side her to replace the sheetrock in her home.

To volunteer, call Dennis at (712)887-0862. To give, visit http://goservglobal.org/give/& choose Hurricane Harvey in the dropdown.






Skid loaders and excavators are essential to disaster cleanup for families in need. $100 for one tank of fuel



us-tireReserve Fund

GoServ Global is in need of a reserve fund so we can be ready for a disaster at a moment’s notice. $5,000



 Mini Telehandler/Forklift

Used for disaster relief and at the GoServ Global warehouse. $25,000

Disaster Relief Events

North Sioux City, SD- flood

North Sioux City, SD- flood follow up

Branson, MO – tornado

Henryville, IN – tornado

Thurman, IA – tornado


Worthington, MN – ice storm

Moore, OK– tornado

Belmond, IA – tornado

Correctionville, IA – tornado

Panora, IA – tornado

Correctionville, IA – tornado follow-up

Wakefield, Neb – tornado

Washington, IL – tornado

Fairdale, IL – tornado

Lake City, IA – tornado

Eagle Grove, IA – 80+mph winds

Domestic - Baileys

Chad & Denise Bailey


As Chad and Denise Bailey crouched in a basement storage closet – with an EF4 Tornado raging outside – they prayed and felt “total and complete peace.”

Even after emerging from their basement to find their house destroyed, they felt blessed to walk away.

“When we came out, it was a shock,” shared Denise, who works at a pregnancy center. “But we could see how God has gone ahead of us every step of the way.”

For starters, instead of taking Chad’s mother to Sunday dinner like they normally do after church, the couple returned home and was able to help their elderly neighbor who is on oxygen, immediately following the storm.

Here’s another instance: The day before the tornado, Denise spent the day cleaning her house and put important papers in a bedroom closet.  While most of their house was destroyed, this particular closet was not disturbed.

And when GoServ Global showed up to clear the debris that once was their home, the Baileys felt this was an answer to prayer.

“It was a God-thing,” shared Chad. “GoServ Global coming to help was like God saying, ‘I’ve got you  covered.’”

Since many insurance companies do not cover debris removal, the fact that GoServ Global provides this service for free is so essential. GoServ Global is able to offer the service to people in need because of generous individuals and families who support us financially.

“When we found out that GoServ Global would demo our house – for free – it was very humbling,” said Denise. “It makes us realize how in control of everything God is.”

Thanks to GoServ Global, the couple has started the process to rebuild and has already lined up a contractor. Because of GoServ Global’s services, this process has moved much quicker than normal.

Now that Baileys have survived the storm, they are changed.

“Despite the storm, we are so thankful and feel very lavished upon by God,” said Denise. “This experience gave me the realization that not everybody has another day.  I don’t want to miss that opportunity to share God’s love.”

And that is what GoServ Global all about too – being the hands and feet of Christ.

Domestic - Correctionville Sadler Farm2It’s tough for Kenneth and Phyllis Anderson of Correctionville, Iowa, to talk about the day the tornado hit their farm.

“It happened so quick,” Kenneth says. “It was unbelievable!”

When the storm passed, every building on their farm had been leveled, trees ripped from the ground and tangled with debris. The only thing left standing was the farmhouse where, together, they had raised a family and grown into their golden years, and in which, now, they took refuge from a devastating tornado.

A starkly different image than the red-barned glossy 8×10 farmstead photo Phyllis holds gently in her hands.

And yet, the sadness of that traumatic day begins to fade as Phyllis recalls the arrival of GoServ Global’s Domestic Disaster Response Team.

“I don’t really know how to say it, but thank you is not enough,” Phyllis says. “To see people you don’t know come in and just start working, not asking what they have to do, just start in…

“I hope you can realize how we felt,” she says, a thoughtful smile crossing her face. “It was…wonderful.”

Wayne and Debi Sadler, Rock Branch, Iowa, have a similar story.

“We could hear our house breaking apart, things flying and falling,” Wayne recalls. “We were afraid the floors would go next and we’d go, too.”

In the aftermath, GoServ Global arrived. “It was a blessing to have them pull up,” he says. “I’m not sure we would have made it.”

With heavy equipment and volunteers, the GoServ Global team cleared tons of debris off the home site – including nearly 1,000 trees destroyed by the storm – and helped prepare for rebuilding structures and healing hearts.

“I’m sure, knowing them, that they’ll be back and we’ll help them out,” he says. “That’s just how GoServ Global works.

With the help of local churches and civic organizations, GoServ Global finds those most in need of assistance and provides an avenue for the many willing volunteers who wish to be personally involved in the clean-up and ongoing support of victims.

For Sherri and Kevin Kubly, Edgewood, Iowa, volunteering with GoServ Global has been an experience like no other.

“It was incredible how much stuff was around when we showed up, and the amount of stuff we moved,” Kevin says

“It just helped the family be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and gave them hope,” Sherri adds. “It was so neat to be able to pray with them. It’s such a blessing. It’s a way for us to show other people Christ’s love, not only by words, but by actions.

“We can use anybody, of any age,” she says of the GoServ Global volunteer corps. “There’s always something…God can use anyone. Whether it be to sit down and pray with someone, encourage them, lift them up, hug them, rake, pick things up.”

Kevin agrees. “I don’t know of any other place on earth that you’ll experience the feelings and the emotions you have when you help other people.”

Dave Norhielm was teaching Sunday School at Washington Christian Church when the tornado struck. Four out of his five children were also at church, while his wife, Patty, stayed at home to take care of their three-year-old who was sick.

Dave was just finishing his lesson on Job, discussing, “How can you take the good and not the bad?” Dave had no idea how this lesson was about to play out in his life.

All of a sudden he felt the rumblings of the tornado, but after it was over, he didn’t immediately realize the extent of the damage.

As Dave headed home, he noticed trees down and shingles off houses, but still, had no idea what he was about to face on his street.

“My whole roof was in the neighbor’s house,” shared the Caterpillar program manager. “Thankfully my wife and three-year-old were ok.”

Dave feels it’s “a miracle” that GoServ Global came to help. “They were amazing,” he said. “I’m so humbled and grateful – the fact that they offer this for free – that’s a huge savings and I get to benefit.”

An ice storm hit Worthington, MN, forcing Judd and Jennifer Solt and their children to leave their home for 10 days.

In the midst of this chaos, they learned their sister – 40-year-old Jerusha, mother of three including a 5-month old – was being sent home from the Cancer Center of America to be put in Hospice.

“This news of our sister was all we could handle at the time,” shared Jennifer.

That’s where the Domestic branch of GoServ Global stepped in. Dennis Anderson headed up a crew that cleaned up the Solt’s property with skid loaders and excavators. They also prayed with the family.

“GoServ Global gave us hope and helped us realize there is a bigger plan and purpose for us, our family and our lives that we never see in the midst of struggles,” said Jennifer. “Your services brought light and hope when there was little in the situation our family found ourselves in.”

United States

United States

Dennis and Julie Anderson have been the Domestic Directors for GoServ Global since September 2011. In addition to developing and running Domestic GoServ Global, they lead teams to Haiti. Dennis and Julie raise 100% of their faith-based personal support.


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