Orphan Refugee Camp

GoServ Global is working with John Pipes of International Messengers, to build a Refugee Camp out of the Sukup Safe T Homes® for orphan children from war-torn South Sudan. So far, 32 children have arrived and now have a safe place to live, enough food to eat, an opportunity to attend school, house mothers who care for them, and are learning about the love of Jesus. 40 Sukup Safe T Homes® will complete this camp in addition to a Sukup Building to serve as a church.


Deep Water Well

We have one well that serves the community. However, we need to go much deeper to guarantee a continual water supply through the year for the homes. $5,000.


Water Tanks and Plumbing

Funds will cover the needed water tanks and plumping for the camp including showers, kitchen, and other areas in the homes. $2,400.



Sponsor a Home

Six children live in one Sukup Safe T Home®. Funding provides food, clothes, medical care, school, and staffing, etc. $450/month.

Ugandan Missionaries

Ugandan Missionaries

John and Christine Pipes: Founders of MUM (Mobilizing Uganda for Missions)