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Mission trips to orphanages in Uganda help refugeesUganda, a country in east-central Africa, is home to lush ecosystems, volcanic mountains, and a fertile agricultural economy. It is bordered by South Sudan to the north, a country divided by civil war. Long-term unrest in South Sudan displaced many children and families, who crossed the border into Uganda in search of safety and a better life. To help serve displaced orphan children, GoServ Global supports Uganda mission trips and Uganda refugee camp projects.

Mission Trips to Orphanages

Volunteers build homes for orphans in Uganda refugee camps

GoServ Global works with John Pipes of International Messengers by building a refugee camp with Sukup Safe T Homes® called New Hope Children’s Home for orphan children from war-torn South Sudan. So far, nearly 40 children now have a safe place to live, enough food to eat, an opportunity to attend school, house mothers who care for them, and a chance to learn about the love of Jesus.

Forty Sukup Safe T Homes® will complete this camp in addition to a Sukup building to serve as a church. The Safe T Home® is a highly modified grain bin that is resistant to earthquakes, termites and moisture. These silo-style homes provide refugee housing and day-to-day shelter for people who need a safe place to live.

Six children live in one Sukup Safe T Home®. Approximately $450 per month provides food, clothes, medical care, education, and staffing.

Donations Support Orphanage Mission Trip Projects

On mission trips to orphanages in the Ugandan refugee camp, GoServ Global volunteers work to sustain an infrastructure that improves daily life for children and adults in the community. Donations helped us dig a deep water well to bring clean drinking water to the community. However, we need to dig deeper to guarantee a continual water supply for the homes. To reach completion, the project requires donations totaling $5,000.

Volunteers in Uganda refugee camps need additional funds totaling $2,400 to cover the needed water tanks and plumbing for the camp, including showers, kitchens, and other areas in the homes. To learn more about donating to mission trips in Uganda or to give now, visit our donation page.

Ugandan Missionaries

Ugandan Missionaries

John Pipes and Christine Achan Pipes are the founders of Mobilizing Uganda for Missions. MUM helps renew, train and mobilize the church in Uganda in reaching the world for Christ.

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