GoServ Global Builds 10 Safe T Homes in Haiti

Another great Sunday in Haiti. The highlight of the day was dedicating a new project in Le Breeze. Through a series of events that can only be attributed to the Lord putting all of this together, we were able to build Safe T Homes to replace homes destroyed from Hurricane Matthew. There aren’t words to describe the gratitude of those receiving homes. More importantly there were several lives transformed for eternity. It is so exciting to watch the Lord work in ways my mind would think impossible. We have a God that loves to work in impossible ways! –Ken DeYoung

Homes Continue to be Built in Haiti

I’ve been in Haiti for a couple weeks. Yesterday we went to see a home under construction and one that was finished. The new homes were built next to the former ones. The families that received them were very thankful. I want to thank the people who donate to GoServ Global that make things like this happen. God is good. All the time! –Conwell Larson, GoServ Global Board Member

“Rose & Caitlin … sisters in Christ”

It’s been 7 years since an Iowa farmer/pilot answered a call to fly in medical supplies after an earthquake devastated Haiti. Shortly thereafter, GoServ Global began simply to connect sponsors with orphans.

Seven years later, God has grown this nonprofit in countless ways as we serve in India, Peru, Guatemala, and here in the U.S.

And God is still connecting sponsors with orphans, creating bonds that benefit both. Like Caitlyn and Rose Mirlande.

“Two different girls…two different countries…two different languages…two different upbringings…two different lifestyles…a sisterly bond that I cannot describe and brings me to tears. Rose and Caitlyn…friends on this earth and sisters in Christ!” –Shaynlyn DeYoung

To sponsor a child through GoServ Global, visit or call 515-448-3131.

Safe T Home is a Life Changer!

We returned last night from our trip to Haiti. While we were there we had the opportunity to visit a family that just received a Safe T Home after their old home was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. They shared many details about the storm. Obviously still very emotional from all that they went through. Their house was destroyed early on as the winds quickly built to 130-150 mph. Somehow they managed to get to a neighbor only to find their house gone, a second and third, as well.

Finally they were able to walk to James 1:27 Widow & Infant Village (our baby project) and ride out the storm in one of the Safe T Homes. With all that was happening, the mom and kids got separated from the dad. As the winds started to die down they went out to look for him, finding him under the ruble of what used to be their house. Somehow all survived!

When asked about receiving their new home she said how they believe we were sent by God, as if gold was sent down from heaven to help rebuild their lives. What a blessing to be there to hear their story and see the gratitude in their eyes. My only wish is that all of you who have donated could be there and experience it first-hand.

The Safe T Homes are a life changer for so many as we continue to ship and build homes. May God bless each one that have helped with the hurricane recovery!

–Ken DeYoung, GoServ Global Co-Founder

To give to the Safe T Home, visit

Matchlight Records Releases Rivenson’s 1st Singles

Happy New Year! 🎶🎉

The first singles from Rivenson Dige’s new album are up on SoundCloud thanks to Matchlight Records  (Tedd Tjornhom & Danna Larson)! We’re so excited for the release of the entire album in 2017…stay tuned!

About Matchlight Records: Our calling is to take the Gospel in musical form to countries without recorded Christian music so they can hear the transforming message of Jesus and worship in their native tongue.

Keep GoServ Global teams in prayer as they serve in Haiti this month!



Merry Christmas from GoServ Global.

They hurried to the village and found Mary and Joseph. And there was a baby, lying in the manger. The shepherds went back to their flocks, glorifying and praising God for all they had just heard and seen. Luke 2:16, 20

GoServ Global thanks you for your support and dedication throughout the past year in our ministry. We pray that in this busy season you continually experience the love of Christ and God’s amazing grace expressed in the birth of the baby Jesus.

May you experience the love of Christ,
though it is too great to understand fully.
Then you will be made complete
with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.
Ephesians 3:19



Haiti Update from Ken DeYoung

I really don’t know how to put into words our day yesterday. Started out unloading more Safe T Homes from Iowa and then went to visit two places we are building. One family with six kids are living under what remains of their house since the Oct 4th hurricane. All that was left was the thatched roof so they dug a hole in the side and crawl in from the side to get out of the weather. The look of joy in the eyes as they have hope of their new home being done soon is something that I can’t explain. The difficult part is there are so many more needing help.

We ended the day taking a land cruiser FULL of our kids to the first night of the Festival of Praise in Les Cayes led by Pastor Rivenson Dige & the Centre de Vie Church. This year we are holding it in the poorest of poor part of town. This area is neglected for many reasons and they sure don’t see many blan (white people). The kids there can’t get enough of feeling, poking and prodding our white skin. And for some reason think it’s special to have a blan show interest in them. The best news is the gospel was shared very clearly and people responded.

Well back to unload another container this morning and another concert tonight.

PS. and people ask why we go to Haiti?!?!


Below: Pastor Rivenson Dige gets his team ready for the street concert in Les Cayes.