It’s been nearly two months since Hurricane Matthew devoured Haiti where GoServ Global rescues the vulnerable – orphans, widows, abandoned babies, displaced families, etc. Shacks that once served as homes before the hurricane are now missing roofs, or walls, or both. Hurricane Matthew damaged nearly every home in the area. The structures that families are living in seem impossible, yet they have no where else to go.

GoServ Global Team Leader Terry Prickett explains one of the houses he saw on his recent mission trip to Haiti. “The roof collapsed so it looked like a roof teepee on the ground. We saw a couple of elderly ladies sitting out front with a little hole that one was climbing out of. That’s what they’re living in and they’re probably one of the lucky ones because they have a roof. I’d estimate that 90% of the homes that are left don’t even have roofs on them.”

GoServ Global is focusing relief efforts on housing.

All of the Safe T Homes® withstood the 145 hurricane winds with minimal damage and many lives were saved as up to 60 people crowded into the homes to ride out the storm. Thanks to donations, GoServ Global has already built more than 5 Safe T Homes® with 30 more Safe T Homes® enroute via three shipping containers. Roofs have been replaced on some of the GoServ Global traditional buildings that sustained damage.


GoServ Global has already purchased land by the Village of Hope that includes 60 Safe T Homes®. An extra 150 community members have been staying at the Village of Hope because their homes were destroyed. GoServ Global expects to build 10 more Safe T Homes® on this property.

GoServ Global will also focus building Safe T Homes® in Les Anglais, a community just west of Les Cayes that was totally destroyed (what’s left of their homes are pictured at the top of this post).

“The need is so great in this area – it’s the poorest of the poor,” shared GoServ Global Co-Founder Ken DeYoung. “Thousands and thousands of homes were wiped out because they were made with thatch. Many people died and now cholera is running rampant.”

GoServ Global needs your help! 100% of your donation goes to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund. Give online at  https://goservglobal.org/give  & Choose “Haiti Hurricane Matthew” in the dropdown).

Donations may also be sent to: GoServ Global
PO Box 193
Eagle Grove, IA 50533
Write “Hurricane Relief ” in the memo line.

Each Safe T Home® costs $5,700 to purchase from Sukup Manufacturing, $1,000 to ship, and $300 for concrete for a total of $7,000 to get the home from Sheffield, Iowa to Les Cayes, Haiti, built.