GoServ Global works with national pastors – Emmanuel and Sunny – who lead several projects in separate regions of India. These pastors work in some of the most persecuted states and neglected tribal villages in rural India.

photr_ind2india-childBethany Children’s Home

Bethany Children’s Home now cares for 50 children, ages 5–17, who come from homes of parents who have died from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and TB or have lost a father to a mining accident. Some were just dropped off because their mother could not afford to feed them. While only 40% of India’s children attend school in this area, all of the orphans at Bethany Children’s Home are required to attend through 10th grade. If they pass certain government exams following 10th grade, they can go onto post-secondary education at a 2-year college.


india-classroomEmmanuel Boarding School – Emmanuel School provides meals, education, medical care as needed and a safe place to live for 80 underprivileged children and orphans. These children come from families who live below the poverty line. The parents are either beggars or laborers who make $2 a day if there is work. However, if there is no work, they will not have food for that day. These children would not have the opportunity to attend school if it weren’t for sponsorship.

  • Sponsor a Child – Transform the live of a child at Emmanuel Boarding School. $75/month for one child
  • Sponsor a Teacher – Support one of the 13 teachers at the boarding school. $100/month for one teacher


india-jana-crop-u12909india-pastorSponsor a Pastor – Both Sunny and Emmanuel equip a team of pastors to share the gospel in remote tribal regions. Sponsorship provides basic living essentials for one pastor. $150/month one pastor

India Missionaries

India Missionaries

Emmanuel & Sharon – Prathipadu: Pastor Emmanuel serves as founder and president of Hope Foundation that includes Bethany Children’s Home, a missionary training center, church planting, and sharing the gospel in tribal areas.
India Missionaries

India Missionaries

Sunny & Kuni – Orissa: Pastor Sunny is the head of DREAM INDIA, a nonprofit that reaches out to the unreached people in Orissa, focusing on underprivileged children and orphans as well as sharing the message of salvation to the people of India. Kuni is the head of staff at the Emmanuel English Medium School.


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