Volunteers play an essential role in providing support to those affected by the devastation left by the EF4 Tornados

July 01, 2024 – Greenfield, Iowa – GoServ Global is seeking volunteers to join in the latter stages of the clean-up efforts after the recent EF4 tornado. A wide variety of opportunities exist, from providing meals to operating equipment and everything in between.

According to an article in the Des Moines Registry printed May 23, 2024, Greenfield sustained significant damage with approximately 153 homes destroyed and four lives lost during the short time the tornado was on the ground.
GoServ Global is committed to sharing God’s love by delivering hope globally. We’re responding to disaster, empowering sustainable community development, and creating world change through hands-on involvement. Volunteers play a vital role at GoServ Global and the need for caring, compassionate volunteers to help carry out the mission is ongoing.
Volunteering for the Greenfield, Iowa, clean-up effort is easy and flexible, whether it’s just for one day or on a recurring basis.

Volunteers are needed for the dates of July 8-July 21, 2024.

Anyone can volunteer as the needs are varied such as:

  • Individuals/groups to rake and hand pick yards/lawns in order to finish the cleanup projects
  • CDL drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Experienced excavator operators
  • Experienced skid steer operators
  • Logistics assistance
  • Food

About GoServ Global:
GoServ Global Domestic is a branch of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with a desire to serve underserved areas of the world including communities in our own backyard who have experienced natural disasters and devastation.
In order to meet the needs of families affected by the F4 tornado, the GoServ Global Domestic Team relies on volunteers and financial contributions from generous donors to continue serving individuals and families in need. 

Currently, the Domestic Team has spent nine weeks deployed to the areas most affected by the devastating tornados in the towns and areas around Minden, Iowa, and Greenfield, Iowa, forming relationships, spreading hope and love through service and supporting families in taking those crucial first steps of putting their lives back together after being shattered by the disaster.
In the nine weeks of deployment, the Domestic Team, along with many volunteers, have cleaned fields, removed fallen trees, torn down buildings, removed debris, restored/prepared property for the next steps, but, most importantly, provided hope. As the clean-up in Greenfield comes to an end, the Domestic Team is preparing to support families devastated by the flooding in NW Iowa. Volunteers, as well as financial support, will be needed to continue the mission of bringing hope to those in need through real, tangible service.
If you are interested in volunteering in the Greenfield, Iowa, area, please contact the GoServ Global office at 515-448-3131.
For more information, please visit the Disaster Relief page.