About Us

Paul van Gorkom, Executive Director

Paul van Gorkom started with GoServ Global in 2015 as Executive Director. Paul raises part of his salary for GoServ Global.

Newsletter: https://conta.cc/2YIdtB8

Chris Caswell, Development Director

Chris Caswell started with GoServ Global in 2019 as Development Director. Chris raises part of his salary for GoServ Global.

Barb Meister, Domestic Administrator

Barb started with GoServ Global in 2021 as Domestic Administrator. Barb takes care of the domestic office – writing thank yous, working on grants and fundraising, as well as a variety of other jobs. Barb raises 100% of her salary for GoServ Global.

Britt (Larson) Timothè

Britt (Larson) Timothè: GoServ Global Missionary, teaches at the ASL Project and assists with mission teams.

Dennis Anderson, Domestic Director

Dennis started with GoServ Global in 2011. In addition to developing and running GoServ Global’s domestic disaster relief ministry, he also leads disaster relief volunteer teams to Haiti and Uganda and heads up GoServ Global’s promotional Safe T Home® events. Dennis raises 100% of his faith-based support.
Newsletter: https://conta.cc/2VvlK9I

Terry Baxter, CoFounder

Terry & Debby Baxter have over 40 years of pastoral experience with church planting and ministering at Bible camps, conferences, crusades, sportsman’s retreats, marriage retreats and in prisons. They are available to minister to your church or group and can be contacted at terry@goservglobal.org. Terry raises 100% of his support.

Connect with Terry on his Facebook Page where he posts a daily devotional!