May Miracle: Life Line Ministry

We wanted to share about the ministry we felt God call us to support in their goal of raising $95,000 to purchase the building for their ministry. Life Line Ministry’s mission: Lasting Investment Family Eternity. Our goal is to make a lasting investment that will impact people’s families and add to the kingdom of God for all of eternity. We want to plant as many seeds of the gospel as we can.
Under the umbrella of Life Line Ministry, we currently host these outreaches: Pay it forward ( meals to people), Women’s craft night ( sharing the gospel and teaching a craft), family sports night ( outreach and helping families make memories together), Kids ministry (being a safe place where kids can come, hang out, get a meal and teach them the value). Hosting teams ( When a team comes, they help us advents in the outreaches). The Building will be our home base to host these ministries and more as we grow!
Please help us by sharing their story! In the few years they have been serving in the community of Iquitos, Peru, they have already seen countless people in need of the love that God provides. Today we’re sharing the story of a 12-year-old boy called Mark (name changed to protect his identity).
“Mark has one younger sister. His dad is out of the picture. His mother is wishy-washy, depending on if she’s in a relationship or not. Last year on Father’s day, Manuel asked to talk with Mark. Manuel went over, and Mark started to cry. Mark talked about not knowing the love of a good father because his dad wants nothing to do with him. What do you tell this 12-year-old, who is raising his younger sister when his mom is off with her boyfriend and has never been loved by his father? We tell him that God loves him so much He sent His son. That he has value and we are here for him whenever he needs us.”
Can you help keep this ministry moving? We believe that God is working through this movement and wants to see this building purchased so Hannah and Manuel, with their team, will continue to bring love and compassion to the lives of so many people who have never known a father’s or mother’s love.
1. Share the story with those you know
2. Pray for it to reach the right people
3. Give financially as you are able
You can give online by clicking here
Or send a check marked for Life Line Ministry to GoServ Global PO Box 193 Eagle Grove, IA 50533.
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