World Missions


Orphan Refugee Camp

GoServ Global is working with John Pipes of International Messengers, to build a Refugee Camp out of the Safe T Homes for orphan children from war-torn South Sudan. So far, 22 children have arrived and now have a safe place to live, enough food to eat, an opportunity to attend school, house mothers who care for them, and are learning about the love of Jesus. 50 Safe T Homes will complete this camp.

Deep Water Well

We have one well that serves the community. However, we need to go much deeper to guarantee a continual water supply through the year for the homes. $5,000.


Water Tanks and Plumbing

Funds will cover the needed water tanks and plumping for the camp including showers, kitchen, and other areas in the homes. $2,400.


Solar Lighting

The area we are building has no access to electric power. Security lighting is needed around the entire village of homes also each home needs its own smaller lighting system. $4,400.

Orphanage donations support children


img_2528_ibe_215x256-1GoServ Global works with Nelton Noriega & his wife, Bethany, who serve as missionaries reaching the neglected people of the Amazon. Bethany is the daughter of GoServ Global co-founder Terry and Debby Baxter.

GoServ Global has built Hidden Creeks Bible Camp in Iquitos, Peru, along the Amazon River. In 2015, 40 children experienced camp for the very first time in Iquitos at Hidden Creeks Bible Camp, learning about Jesus, playing soccer and volleyball, swimming, sleeping in the Safe T Homes® that served as cabins. Several items are needed to further develop the camp to serve more groups:

  1. Brush Hog

    To mow the camp property in the jungles of Peru. $5,000 for One Brush Hog.

  2. img_2790_ibe_147x182Shipping Container

    Another shipping container is needed for Peru to ship Safe T Home® parts, Brush Hog, etc. $7,000 for One Shipping Container.

  3. Chapel/Dining Hall

    The next major project for the development of Hidden Creeks Bible Camp is to construct a building to serve as the Chapel/Dining Hall for camp goers. Cost: $25,000