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Domestic Disaster Reliefskidloader-u5668

Domestic Disaster Relief provides immediate assistance after a natural disaster, training for volunteers, and opportunities for mission trips targeting the forgotten or neglected towns, neighborhoods, and families. Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Christ by addressing the physical needs of people’s homes as well as sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

GoServ Global created this branch to address the many disaster and emergency relief needs within our own home front. We work with local churches and faith based organizations to find families with the greatest need and then offer people, equipment, resources, and the hope of Christ.

1. Fuel

Skid loaders and excavators are essential to disaster cleanup for families in need. $100for One Tank of Fuel

2. Tire

During Disaster cleanup, our skid loaders put in long hours removing debris. $250 for One Skid Loader Tire

3. Pickup Truck

A truck is used to respond to disasters as well as share the GoServ Global story at fairs and agricultural events. $30,000

Emergency Disaster Relief Volunteer List: