World Missions


photr_runningBethany Children’s Home

Bethany Children’s Home now cares for 50 children, ages 5–17, who come from homes of parents who have died from diseases such as HIVphotr_ind2
/AIDS and TB or have lost a father to a mining accident. Some were just dropped off because their mother could not afford to feed them. While only 40% of India’s children attend school in this area, all of the orphans at Bethany Children’s Home are required to attend through 10th grade. If they pass certain government exams following 10th grade, they can go onto post-secondary education at a 2-year college.

india-jana-crop-u12909Sponsor a Pastor

Emmanuel equips a team of pastors to share the gospel in remote tribal regions. Sponsorship provides basic living essentials for one pastor. $150/month

Sponsor a Child

Transform the life of a child through sponsorship that provides housing, education, food, and clothing. $50/month


GoServ Global has built nearly 200 Safe T Homes® including two Safe T Home® Villages, Joshua House Boys Orphanage, James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village, Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic, School, two Churches, 10 Wells, and Supports five Orphanages, Prison Ministry, Boys Street Ministry, and Agricultural Projects.



1water. Water Project

A drought in Les Cayes caused wells to dry up, forcing women and children to walk even further for clean water. Help us drill wells that serve entire communities. $2,500 covers 1 well & pump. Any amount will help … $25, $500, $1,000. Won’t you help bring clean water to Haiti?


sponsor2. Sponsor a Child

GoServ Global supports 140 children at 3 orphanages. Sponsorship provides one child with housing, food, education, medical care, and a savings account. Transform a life- only $167/month or $2,000/year.


3. Educate a Child

GoServ Global educates nearly 400 children. $60 provides one child an education for a year.




4. James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village

Rescuing abandoned babies and homeless widows who live together in a community of Safe T Homes®.

safety5. Safe T Home

GoServ Global has teamed up with Sukup Manufacturing to bring the Safe T Home® – a highly-modified grain bin – to Haiti and other places around the world to be used as compassionate housing for displaced people




Our Safe T Home Villages

6. Centre de VIE Church

Led by Pastor Rivenson Dige, the Centre de VIE Church is located in downtown Les Cayes and is averaging 400 parishioners on a given Sunday! This church is a light in a very dark place where voodoo is so prevalent.

7. Dental Clinic

Go Serv Global completed the state-of-the-art Dental Clinic in 2015 and the first dental teams served the first patients late in the year. One of the first patients was a boy who arrived with a life-threatening infection from untreated dental needs.  The dental team extracted four teeth and provided much-needed antibiotics and by the time the team headed back to the US, he was a different boy.

8. Medical Clinic

Haitian Dr. Jean Yves Glaud as well as two staff nurses run the medical clinic that serves the Consolation Center and surrounding area. Approximately 30 patients are seen weekly.


  • Building a Recording Studio to record Christian music in Haitian creole that can be distributed for free throughout Haiti.
  • Building a Birthing Center near Camp Perrin where the John 3:16 Village is located.