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We are happy to announce another $56,000 Matching Challenge for the Sukup Safe T Home®!! Any donation given toward the Safe T Home now through June 15th, 2019 will be matched up to $56,000 because of the generosity of an anonymous donor. We plan to announce the total at our banquet.

Our Goal: To raise $140,000 TOTAL that provides the cost to purchase and ship 20 Safe T Homes®!

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GoServ Global Recipient Now Volunteers


My favorite photo of the day … Volunteer Wayne Sadler (right) with a homeowner named Terry. In 2013, GoServ Global worked on Wayne’s farm after an EF4 Tornado destroyed it.

“When GoServ Global volunteers first pulled up with a pickup and a small skid loader, I thought it was a scam,” he joked with Terry. “But it turned out to be the biggest blessing.”

As promised, GoServ Global returned with an excavator and volunteers to clean up the many trees on the property.

Fast forward to 2019 … Wayne is now a disaster relief volunteer with GoServ Global and has been working Hamburg this week, encouraging home owners in a way that only he can since he’s been in their shoes.

“We felt so blessed that someone from Eagle Grove just showed up and brought large equipment in to clean our farm up,” shared Wayne in a team debrief. “GoServ Global showing up gave us reassurance that God was looking out for us. That’s the reason I’m here now.”

Terry has lived in his house since 1993. When the levee broke just over 3 weeks ago, the Missouri River spilled over into Hamburg, filling Terry’s house with more than 5 feet of water.

Terry tells us about that day. When he saw the water coming toward his house, he moved his truck to higher ground and by the time he came back, the water was up to his chest.

After we prayed for Terry, he blinked back tears and thanked us for helping him.

Throughout the day, volunteers hauled out load after load of debris like drywall, carpet, etc., all ruined by floodwaters. Terry’s whole house was on that curb, in a heap.

To help more people like Terry, consider donating to GoServ Global’s domestic disaster relief team.

Volunteers are also needed. Text Dennis at (712)887-0862.



#FloodRelief in Hamburg

It was a joy for me to be able to participate in #FloodRelief in #Hamburg, Iowa last week. My job was to interact with families, offer assistance, and receive their written permission to enter their homes. Many of these people are in a hopeless situation and are positively impacted when we offer to help them try to overcome the flooding they have in their lives.

We offer to pray with these families for their specific needs – I have never had anyone turn down these prayers. I also had the privilege to direct some of the volunteers who were offering to perform needed clean-up. In a flood situation, this is hard and dirty work. I believe God expects us to serve those in need as we are able. I praise God for the way He has situated GoServ Global to participate in these local disasters. Dennis Anderson and all the volunteers are such an inspiration to work around.

Perhaps you would be in a position to serve with us for a few days. Or perhaps you could help us serve by making a financial donation. There are many costs associated with this assistance – fuel, tools, meal costs, and the vehicles, trailers, and other equipment that is part of what GoServ Global brings to serve in these situations.

– Daryle HamlinGoServ Global Board Member


The Power of Obedience

“How did you know we were out of food?” questioned Madam Mauline, head of Bethel Orphanage.

Conwell Larson just shook his head and said, The Lord told me.

If GoServ Global hadn’t brought food that day, everyone at this orphanage wouldn’t have eaten for 10 days.

The orphanage had recently lost its funding and because of the impending demonstrations, the stores had shut down. It had already been a couple days since they’d eaten anything.

That day Conwell brought a volunteer to the Bethel who was serving in Haiti on a GoServ Global mission trip. This volunteer shared, “A few months ago, the Lord laid it on my heart that this trip was going to change my life.”

After learning that Bethel needed $750/month to feed all the children, he said he wanted to cover this. He had been setting money aside for awhile now and so far, he had enough for 6 to 8 months, but he’d get friends to help support it too.

Many people ask Ken DeYoung – why Haiti? He shares a story about the time a mother handed him her baby in downtown Les Cayes.

So many ask, how can you do that to your child – give away your baby? But, she did it out of love – she couldn’t afford to take care of her and thought that Ken could provide much more than she could.

“That tore me apart,” he says. “How do you walk away from that? They’re stuck in a situation where they need a little help. We can’t do it all, but we all can do something.”

As GoServ Global helps the physical needs, the recipients always asks, “Why are you doing this?” It’s at this time that God opens their hearts for the gospel. The Lord is changing lives by helping through physical needs.

What is God calling you to be obedient in today?


The Power of a Home

LaBrise is a tiny fishing village right on the ocean in Haiti that was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew nearly 3 years ago. GoServ Global has built more than 20 Sukup Safe T Homes® in this village. One mother of 6 proudly shows us her new home.

“Even though the floor isn’t yet finished, I am so happy to get this home,” she said.

Her home is sparsely furnished with a table, some bowls for cooking, a tiny mat on the floor, yet she has a sparkle in her eye.

Down the road, a mother of 6/grandmother of 15 has been living in her Sukup Safe T Home® for 4 months. When asked if she likes her new home, she breaks out in a huge smile.

“This home makes me so happy,” she says. “When it rains, we now stay dry.”

With each home that’s given, GoServ Global makes sure to share the reason why we do what we do.

“We feel the Lord has asked us to do this and we hope you see Christ’s love through this,” shares Ken DeYoungGoServ Global Co-Founder and Haiti Director. “It’s important to have a physical home, but it’s more important to have an eternal home.”

At LaBrise, GoServ Global has been helped build a church for the community in addition to the homes, and many have come to Christ.

According to Yvald, a Haitian who works with GoServ Global, more than 150 families are on the waiting list for a new home.

To give toward a Sukup Safe T Home®, click on and choose “Safe T Home® in the dropdown.

Sukup Manufacturing Co.



Flood Relief

Officials say that communities in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa have been hit the hardest with the recent flooding. At this time, the GoServ Global Disaster Relief Team is assessing the situation to see where we can be the most effective. When we respond, we will need volunteers and funding.

Text GoServ Global Domestic Director Dennis Anderson
at (712)887-0862 with your Name, Cell, Email, Availability & Skills

Click on
Choose “Domestic Disaster Relief”
Mail Your Donation to:
GoServ Global
PO Box 193
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Thank you for your support!

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Iowa FFA Students Build GoServ Global’s 300th Safe T Home® in Haiti in Memory of Eugene Sukup

For more than two years, Vainceur and his five boys lived in an 8’x10’ tin shack with a tarp roof after Hurricane Matthew destroyed their home. Today, this Haitian family of six has a new place to call home, marking GoServ Global’s 300th Sukup Safe T Home® built in Haiti. This home is extra special because it was built by the Audubon, Iowa FFA team in memory of Sukup Manufacturing Co. founder Eugene Sukup, who died this past summer at the age of 89. Sukup employees donated most of the funds for the Safe T Home®.

“The Safe T Home® really embodies two of our values as a family-owned company – making high quality products from steel and giving back,” shared Steve Sukup, CFO at Sukup. “Building one of these homes in Haiti was a very fitting way to honor my father, Eugene, who founded the company and ingrained these values in it from the beginning.”

Sukup Safe T Home®

After the January 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, Brett Nelson of Sukup Manufacturing came up with the design of the Safe T Home®, measuring 18-feet in diameter and made entirely of metal, making it resistant to termites and moisture. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti with winds in excess of 145 mph, putting the homes to the test. Yet, all 200 homes prevailed with just minor damage, while the vast majority of traditional homes in the area were destroyed.

Homes like Vainceur’s. The father lost his home, his garden, and a year later his wife passed away, leaving him to raise all five boys alone. Vainceur shared how tough it was following the hurricane, yet today was a good day.

“Right now I feel at peace,” he said. “I learned that I was getting a new home about 3 days ago.”


Not only was Vainceur touched by the Safe T Home®, so was the team that built it. Eight members of the Audubon FFA along with their advisor, Brittany Elmquist and her husband, Joe, helped build the home along with the family.

“I will not forget the look of pride on [Vainceur’s] face as we handed him his keys for his new Safe T Home,” shared FFA student Grace Christensen.

Eighteen-year-old Jayden Hartl added, “It was humbling to meet a family that had lost nearly everything except for each other. They were driven and doing everything they could to try and get their life back on track.”

Since 2012, nearly 75 FFA students from across the U.S. have served on a GoServ Global mission trip.

“I wanted our chapter to be involved in this project to give members the opportunity to exemplify the FFA motto, ‘Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve’ with emphasis on ‘Living to Serve,’” shared Elmquist. “Haiti is a country in need and our members knew they could be of assistance with agricultural projects and by having great character to learn the culture and respect those involved.”

After returning from Haiti, the team was so impacted by the trip that the Audubon FFA voted to sponsor Paul, one of the boys they met at the Joshua House Orphanage.

Last year, 325 volunteers served on a GoServ Global mission trip. GoServ Global shares God’s love by responding to disaster, empowering sustainable community development and creating world change through hands-on involvement in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Peru, Uganda, and the United States.

Shortly after GoServ Global began in 2011, the nonprofit connected with Sukup Manufacturing to discuss how the Safe T Home® could help those in need. Not only have 300 homes been built in Haiti, 30 more are being built in Uganda to house refugee orphan children who have fled war-torn South Sudan. Ten homes have also been built in Peru and 10 in Kenya.

The need for homes is great in Haiti as there are countless more families like Vainceur’s. One Safe T Home® costs $7,000 including shipping. To give toward a Safe T Home®, visit

Vainceur and his five boys lived in this makeshift home for more than two years after Hurricane Matthew destroyed their house.

The Audubon FFA Team building the Safe T Home®.

The Audubon FFA Team inside the Safe T Home® with the kids of the family.


We are so THANKFUL for everyone who gave to our Year-End Campaign. YOU CRUSHED our goal of $500,000!! Our grand total is $567,315!

We stand in awe of an awesome God who continues to provide for GoServ Global through our donors. Thank you so much for your continued support of our ministries around the world. May you have a blessed 2019!

YOU Crushed our Goal!!


YOU helped us crush our year-end goal of raising $500,000! Currently GoServ Global has raised $512,000!! We praise God for your gifts and continued support.

Thank you to everyone who has given to GoServ Global.

If you have not yet given, it’s not too late! Your gifts will enable us to get off to a great start for 2019!

May you have a blessed new year!