Safe T Homes® Withstand Hurricane Matthew


In the background of these pictures are Safe T Homes® at Joshua House Boys Orphanage and James 1:27 Widows & Infants Village. In the foreground are the gazebos where our babies were rocked and our children played.

100% of our Safe T Homes® remain standing, despite the 145 mph winds that ravaged Les Cayes. The surrounding community didn’t fare as well as only around 10% of the homes remain.

Up in the mountains, the John 3:16 Village contains 18 Safe T Homes. Lives were saved as up to 60 people from the surrounding community crammed into each Safe T Home® to ride out the hurricane. Most of the town of Camp Perrin is gone.

Please continue to pray …
for funds to rebuild
for a way to get supplies of food and water to our loved ones
for protection from cholera, dehydration and other diseases